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Today's accomplishments included:
  • Eating way too much tasty food at the Mexican buffet down the street (yep, we did Coyote's again) with my boss and my coworkers RW and DP.
  • Zipping over to the post office this morning to pick up a package, thus adding two more FireWire enclosures (one for a CD/CD-RW drive, and one for a plain hard drive) to my collection
  • Uninstalling my CD-RW from my case and slotting it up in the enclosure. Did I mention FireWire rocks?
  • There is no accomplishment here, move along.
  • Closed a couple help desk tickets. I'm back down to like... three tickets in my queue. Hopefully I can get them all eliminated.
  • Worked on OpenView, got it to talk to our Internet router.
  • Put in for Thursday and Friday off next week, thus sealing my fate as a wedding attendee forever.

    Tomorrow I have to get to work early again, much as I did on Monday. The reason I'm going in early and working another 12 hour shift is because I do my big song-and-dance for our CIO at 10 AM, a full hour before my shift is scheduled to start. I can't really refuse him since he asked to see the OpenView product I've spent over $125,000 and a good portion of the last year installing and configuring. I think I'm going to knock his socks off, because this product frankly rocks the known universe, but I do still feel a bit nervous. I'm not going in with any set plan, mostly I'm going to treat it all very informally and just answer questions. I learned from my last "Dog and pony show" on this product that a set presentation will be utterly useless because the upper managers will have lots of questions to ask and thus will keep derailing your speech. I figure I'll give him some ground work, demonstrate one or two of the features, then spend the rest of the time simply answering questions. One of the things I've got going for me is that the CIO is used to having employees of my level completely cowed... but I'm not intimidated at the least. So this guy can fire me at a moment's notice, so what? If he doesn't like my presentation the worst he can do is shut down the OpenView project and tell me to stop wasting my time. If he likes it, though, I'm practically golden and will be almost untouchable because I have a senior vice president's blessing. Let's see if I can be this objective about things tomorrow when I'm actually standing in front of him and talking.

    Random, disjointed thought: I really love this song. It's gritty, it's fast-paced, and it makes no apologies for being what it is. Someday I hope to be able to play like these guys.

    I'm not sure what's going on this weekend: I know that I want to do a couple of things, but I'm not sure what I'll actually end up doing. For one thing, I want to see "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." Second, I have some minor chores such as laundry that must be accomplished so that I have clothing and the like for the trip to NJ next Thursday. I may have an option to eclipse item one, however: I think Saturday morning I would like to drive down to RW's place and hang out for the day. I'm not sure exactly what I would do while I'm down there, but undoubtedly it will involve being a computer geek at one point or another, some beer drinking and maybe grilling up a few bratwurst. He and I have been talking about getting together during the summer for the last two years so I guess it's about time we make good on our threats to spend a weekend just relaxing and shooting the breeze outside of the workplace. At the very least I can watch him run his remote-controlled nitro-burning race car around the back yard. I'll be sure to bring my camera with -- nobody believes just how crazy this little RC toy really is, and I want photographic evidence to corroborate the stories I'll undoubtedly be able to tell.

    Yeah, you're a loser now
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