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I'm home!

Title says it all.

Today, barbeque was had. Boating was had. It was a good time, and the company was highly enjoyable. I'm amazed that I'm still able to function -- I got up at 8:30 this morning after a night of party and hard drinking and a pitiful three hours of sleep. I've been on the move ever since I got up and now after a full day I'm home again at 7pm. I can't believe I'm still awake. I wonder if perhaps I've forgotten how to sleep, and am more than a little nervous to see if I'll be able to actually get to sleep tonight.

Summaries of Saturday's events as well as those of today will be written Tuesday, I think. Watch LiveJournal for pictures that will be sure to amuse and/or terrify. The other folks who were in attendance will surely have their own summaries to write.

Many thanks go to neuracnu for hooking me up with a ride last night and today, and going some 13 miles out of his way on his drive home to St. Louis to drop me off.

Should I sink or dive?

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