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Addendum the second...

Lunch was had at BD's, and I thought it was pretty tasty despite the rather wet-behind-the-ears staff that was working the grill. I guess all the veteran grillers were off for the day, or scheduled for the night shift when the restaurant really gets busy. Sara was indeed serving and I think (I really hope!) a good time was had by all. I bought bandanas with the BD's logo emblazoned upon them as souvenirs for Captain, Frostbite and Daf. It's a small thing but hey, at least it's something to hang upon the wall when this whole adventure is over, right? Sometimes those small things can have the most memories attached to them, and frankly I can use some positive memories to reflect on down the road.

From the "arrrrrgh!" department: After busting down a disposable lighter to steal its flint I found all three sets of replacement flints I had stashed around my bedroom, completely by accident. Each set of flints (the ones I buy are Ronsonol, which are sold five flints per package) were in a different place than the last one. Please refer to the earlier comment about Murphy and his damn law.

It's 1828 right now, we meet at D&Bs at approximately 2000 hours. Two hours thirty-two minutes, and counting. Now, should I bring my pool cue with, or not?

Nothing comes easy

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