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My amazon order arrived a full week ahead of schedule...

... and I just finished watching one of the new additions to my collection. I had a hard choice between some the six options that I was presented with (unpacking this order was a real treat, almost like Christmas). Eventually I decided that since I was in sort of a quiet, easygoing yet melancholy mood that I should watch Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tobira, also known as "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie."

I made the right choice. The music is perfect, the story superb and the art just as good as I remember it from my copy of the series box set. It was good to see Spike, Faye and Jet again on my TV... in a way it was sort of like coming back to the town you grew up in and seeing familiar faces. On some primitive, simple level it just warms your heart.

Right now I'm converting my new CDs to MP3s and chatting a little bit with jingle on FurryMUCK. It's nice to see the Jinglecat again as it's been quite some time since we've talked. It does feel a little weird, we've each gone our separate ways over the last two years. Heck...so much has changed since then. Let's see, in two years... Jingle's gotten married and I've ended a relationship, landing firmly back at square one as a single guy. Jingle has bought a house, and I've moved from one apartment to another as I prepare to buy a house. They're small things in some cases, and not so small in others, that make it hard to find a common point to start a conversation from. How do you start when each of our lives have changed so much? Still it's nice that we got a chance to talk, stilted or otherwise, even if it was only for a few minutes. I don't talk nearly enough with my friends, and I rarely realize it until they've long gone. I wonder why that is.

At this point I'm two CDs down, and have one left to go. After I'm done converting my new Flaming Lips CD to MP3 I think I'll strap on my braces and give my wrists a rest before I go to sleep.

Is it woman, is it man?

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