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As I write this (And I haven't written in a few days, I've been bad, I know) entry I'm sitting at the control console in my company's data center. On one monitor I have Fight Club playing on the DVD player. On another I have our database system displaying the vital statistics on this, our third attempt at restoring the producting student information system's database. On the third monitor is my Netscape browser, which I'm typing in.

I could leave, our UNIX administrator is here and watching the backup to see if everything is working properly, and to try another option if it doesn't. But, since I'm the only other person in the employ of my company who is intimately familiar with the database software, the application that runs it and the Solaris operating system I feel compelled to stick around and offer my help in case he hits a wall -- something that isn't entirely uncommon with this system. It's very frustrating to be at the whim of an app and database that we are held responsable for (Why isn't it running?) but aren't allowed to configure.

I took a look at the tires on the pickup last night -- all four of them are in desperate need of replacement. The tires that are currently on the rear are the worst of the lot -- they used to be on the front and were worn badly by their tenure up there. Ford pickups, most notably the 4x4s with the "dual I-beam front suspension" like mine are positively notorious for feathering the edges of the tires and running them down until they're bald. These front tires were rotated to the rear when the pickup was last at the mechanic's to have the front end worked on (See previous rant about failed u-joints, tie-rod ends, bearings and hubs that cost $2k to replace) to try and extend their life, but at this point I'm not sure that they're worth attempting to save -- I'll be lucky to eek another 600 miles out of these things, and at what potential cost should one blow out on the highway at 75mph on the way to or from work? No, I think when I get my paycheck in September I'll just take it over to Discout Tire Warehouse and get all four replaced, balanced and installed. DTW has always treated me right and has fairly competitive prices.

Interestingly, since I'm on the topic of the front end of the truck, I was informed that my father had the exact same problem I did with the u-joints for the front portion of the 4x4 system freezing and tearing the hubs apart. It was sort of gratifying to hear my father take back his accusation that my supposed "lack of proper maintenance on the front drive train" was responsable for that catastrophic failure... he realized that sometimes these things just let go for reasons beyond our control or comprehension.

I might as well wrap up this entry, as it sounds like I'm going to have to scratch out a quick treatsie on why our database system is hosing up tonight, so that the UNIX admin can continue to babysit this poor system while it struggles to recover this week's data changes. I'll toss another entry into the queue tonight if I get home at a decent hour, although with LJ suffering the way it has been this last week I doubt anybody will see it (or this entry) for a few more days.

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