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Hah! Last laugh is mine to be had!

So in a previous entry of the "Inkblot Chronicles" I was lamenting how the five 18 gigabyte disk drives I had purchased for my MultiPack were too large to fit into the enclosure, since the drives were 1.6" tall and the enclosure was only meant to handle 1" height disks. I fretted at length that I had just wasted $250 by not checking the physical specifications and then speculated that I would have to turn around and sell them off in order to recoup my losses.

I found a "better" way, although it's only "better" if you apply a significant amount of masculine reasoning to the solution.

To save myself from wasting those $250 dollars I went ahead and spent another $200 to purchase a used D1000 StorEdge array from a company with one for sale on eBay. The D1000's specs call for 1.6" height disks, and in fact even go so far as to specify the part number of the drives I currently have in hand if the user is looking to install 18gb drives. As an added bonus the array I'm buying comes with six 9.1 gigabyte hard drives that are 1" tall, so I can transplant those into my MultiPack array and have even more storage. Mmm, 40 gigabytes in one array, and 90 gigabytes in the other. Yeah, I know you scoff at it (so many people have 100 gigabytes or more on a single IDE drive for their PC these days it's not even funny) but keep in mind these arrays are running RAID level 5, with hot spares, and SCSI-2 drives. My performance is better and more redundant than yours! Oh yeah, these disks are hot-swappable to boot.

So to sum it up: by spending an additional $200 (not counting the shipping and handling) I have just "saved" myself $250.

Bizarre, isn't it?

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