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This is not for those who are faint of heart....

Herein are a couple of pictures of me, since I haven't had any taken of me recently with the short hair and much shorter beard, and the pictures from MN didn't really show much of my face (some may believe that's a good thing).

These are just quick snapshots I took after wrestling a little bit with my digital Samsung. While the poor little Digimax 210 doesn't come anywhere close to my old Canon AE-1 in terms of image or color quality it does make up for it some by being slightly more convenient since I can instantly view and discard photos, and transferring them to my computer is a snap with the compact flash cards and my Firewire CF reader. Surprisingly enough while these photos didn't turn out particularly well they're not particularly bad either...

Eventually I'll get a better-quality digital camera, or go to a professional photographer for a sitting.


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