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Late evening for the panther, but I guess I shan't complain much.

Today at work sucked beyond all belief. I won't go into details here, but suffice to say that when Boeing moves into the area I'm going to very strongly consider putting in an application over there. Maybe I could land a job with a company that sees more than five feet in front of itself.

Today was the day that boxes arrived! My Psi-Corps pin (I'm a Babylon 5 geek) arrived, as did my Logitech Optical Mouse -- yay, and it was good, for I can play Quake 3 with a little less aggravation now. Also arrived was a package from the mischevioues Chebutykin, who has obviously plotted long and hard. The card was sweet, and the presents a real hoot. I'm planning to put that book to use tomorrow in the staff meeting, Cheb. So if I get fired, I want you to know you're responsible and I thank you immensely for it. Very sweet and very cool. My order from CD-NOW also arrived today, which pleased me. I had no idea that the standard shipping order would get here so fast! I was given a gift certificate from Jingle for my birthday, so I burned it buying the "Silver & Gold" album by my personal idol Neil Young, as well as the Collector's Series of "Ghostbusters" on DVD. Mmm. This music is so wonderfully relaxing and reminiscent of his past works, and tomorrow I shall sit down with beer, popcorn and the DVD and laugh my tail off.

It's terribly late, so I should be going to bed, but I felt compelled to jot down those little tidbits. Yes, these things really are exciting to me. That's how empty my life is. ;)

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