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I would not have predicted this...

I was searching through one of the drawers in my desk in an attempt to locate a pair of scissors. I moved aside a hanging shelf and discovered a treasure beneath. Not just any treasure, it's a treasure that travels through time.

I found Pocky. I'd forgotten that some time ago, around the middle of 2002 I think it was, I had picked up three boxes of Pocky and brought them to work. Apparently I'd set them in this drawer and promptly forgot about them since I never actually *use* the drawers in my desk.

So now I have three boxes of Pocky. I've got Mousse Chocolate Pocky (contains three packs and carries the slogan "Lighten up your day with Pocky's super smooth aero-chocolate), Mousse White Pocky (also three packs, with the same slogan) and Men's Chocolate Pocky (two packs and an extended slogan that reads, "Crispy pretzel dipped in dark chocolate for the intelligent connoisseur who enjoys the finer points in life").

Wow, this brings back memories of weekend trips to Mitsuwa Marketplace with roho and lunches had courtesy of the house from Dragon Boat.

You are not your fucking khakis

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