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After a full day of doing nothing really important at work (more details later as time permits) I met up with roho and enveri at the office this evening and drove over to the T.G.I. Friday's in Lombard for dinner. We met with masem and daf666 for drinks and a meal. Since Masem is leaving town tomorrow evening to start his new job in Washington state we thought it would be good to get together "one more time" as a group and give him a proper send off.

The dinner was excellent. We ordered appetizers (I had a couple of hot wings and a stick or two of celery), and for my main dish I had the Jack Daniel's chicken with a garden salad and extra veggies. I also put down four or five Jack and cokes which were mixed not quite strong enough for my tastes but remained remarkably good. I imagine the reason they tasted so nice is because they've long been absent in my life -- I don't think I've had one of those since 1999, although in retrospect I think it may have been 1998 since that was the last time I really went drinking with my coworkers while working at DeVry Dupage. I'd forgotten how good they are, and when Kestral sampled mine she also seemed to think they were pretty nice if a bit stiff. It's nice that I can still get a good feel for drinks other people might like. Maybe I should consider that bar tending job at BD's.... the tips would be really good, at least.

I digress, however. We had our dinners, we had our drinks, we talked and joked and told stories. It was a good time. At the end of the evening we convinced our waiter to take a picture of us as a group, which I will post here later once I receive it from Masem. We also got a picture out in the parking lot, and I think they both turned out pretty well, although it's hard to judge on a tiny little LCD screen. I'll let everyone here be the judge when the actual photographic proof arrives in my in box sometime this week.

I'd like to thank everyone for attending, and to take this opportunity to wish Masem the very best of luck in his new job out by Seattle. I know that all of us in this household will miss you, and this state will be a little more dull with you leaving.

After parting ways with Masem and Daf we drove back to the tower so that I could pick up my poor old truck for the drive home. Before we hit the highway I needed to use the rest room and so I took the opportunity to show them both around the corporate data center, explaining in loving detail each and every piece of equipment. I think I bored Kestral a little bit with my jargon and some of the effort I put into the narrative, but it was nice to have visitors in there that I could show this equipment off to. All told we were in there for around 50 minutes, and when the tour was completed we drove home. Ra was waiting impatiently at the door for me and has now declared occupation of my lap, indicating to me that I was very much missed today. He's also being something of a fidget, and has knocked my water bottle off the desk three or four times already in the last ten minutes, which has earned him frequent flyer miles towards my bed.

It's hard to be a dad sometimes, you know?

I want to get lost in your rock and roll

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