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Quiz time?

Well no, not really. It's something better than a quiz!

You see, a few months back I realized that my music collection has grown somewhat stagnant -- it hasn't been expanded in quite some time, and the few additions I have made were just new releases by artists I already follow (like Neil Young). To rectify the situation I solicited the suggestions of the #watertower folk, asking them what albums I should buy to help correct this problem.

Now it's your turn.

Poll #154089 Music time

Suggest music for me to buy (group and album title please).

I am willing to listen to anything. I'm not looking for "wild" suggestions, though, where you try to hint that I should buy the most off-the-wall thing you can think of just so you can see if you can shock me. I want honest recommendations. I was introduced by my friends to things like Juno Reactor and The Nields, and I want to see what else you people can show me... so if there's a group you really enjoy listening to now is the time to share them!

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