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So just for the hell of it I hit the scale this morning to see where I'm at with relation to my goals since I'll be going up to Minnesota for the weekend. Saturday is when I traditionally weigh in but I don't want to use my parents' scale for various reasons, namely that I'm sure theirs is calibrated differently than ours and isn't capable of calculating body fat. I stepped on the scale, waited the customary ten seconds and glanced down. What I saw rather astounded me:

Weight: 154.9 lbs
Body Fat: 18.0%

Woohoo! I achieved goal! Well, I did better than achieve it, I reached it and went right past it since I was looking for 155.4 pounds and came in at 154.9 pounds. This is fine by me!

So let's recap: In under four months I've lost more than 34 pounds, gone from a size 36 waist to a size 32, gained back a good portion of my energy and gotten a much more flat stomach. I fit in my dress clothes that were tailored to me six years ago, I can wear jeans that I haven't worn in years without the material feeling tight around my thighs and I have a great deal more self-confidence.

And yes, all of this was acheived on the "fad" diet that is Atkins. I'd like to thank everybody who questioned my commitment to a life-long dietary change, who told me I didn't need to diet because "it wasn't like I was morbidly obese," who openly mocked the Atkins dietary approach and those who in general acted like jerks... You folks gave me the motivation to stick with it just so I could prove you wrong, and today the chickens have come home to roost.

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