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Sunday-Monday-Tuesday catchup....

Sunday was a pretty fine day overall, even if it was an expensive one for me. When enveri got back from her shift at the office we took a drive up in roho's Saab and went to our usual hangout, BD's Mongolian Barbeque. The lunch was light and rather tasty although I didn't bring any tortilla shells with me (seeing as how I'd just had some on Saturday). Sara served us and we talked for a while, discussing plans for the upcoming holiday and just catching up. I've got to get back over to Bed, Bath & Beyond so that I can buy her that framed picture I saw, it'll make a very nice housewarming gift for her when we finally get over to see her new housing arrangements. That offer has been outstanding for some time, and we really do need to take advantage of it. Sara is good people and wonderful company.

On our way home we stopped at GameStop because Roho was looking to see if they had a particular game for his PC. I never should have set foot in the store because when I saw they had used DVDs I was in heaven. I picked through the selection, finding more and more of the movies that have been on my list of "must gets" for some time. Roho and Kes didn't help, either, because they pointed out other discs that I might be interested.

When the smoke cleared and the credit card terminal finished printing I had purchased:

  • Soldier
  • Reservoir Dogs (10th Anniversary, "Mr Brown" edition)
  • The Last Castle
  • Chicken Run
  • 3000 Miles to Graceland
  • The Deer Hunter
  • The Thirteenth Floor

I didn't even know I wanted "The Deer Hunter," "Thirteenth Floor" or "3000 Miles to Graceland" until I saw them there. I bought "Deer Hunter," because my father recommended it while a coworker had recommended "Thirteenth Floor" to me as a very Matrix-esque film. "3000 Miles" just struck me as something to see since I'd saw it promoted maybe once, then it fell off the face of the planet.

The cool part about this sudden impulse purchase is that the store was having a "Buy 2 get 1 free" deal, so I got two of my DVDs for free. Seeing as how they were mostly $10 already it was no huge savings, but hey, you take what you can get, right?

After GameStop was Sam's Club, because we needed food and supplies. I picked up some Advantage and Carbolite bars for a deeply discounted price (very cool) so that I could take them up to Minnesota with me and have a way to try to stay on diet. I grabbed two skids of water because I've been drinking the stuff like it's going out of style in an attempt to overthrow this aspartame plateau I hit with the diet. We also wandered past the DVD bin, and that's when I bought a few more movies, namely:

  • Clerks
  • Stargate (Special Edition)
  • The Terminator (Special Edition)
  • Hearts in Atlantis
  • Armageddon

I've wanted to see "Hearts in Atlantis" for some time, and I needed "Clerks" to round out my non-sucking Kevin Smith movie collection. "Stargate" was purchased to replace the crappy flip-disc promo copy I had gotten somewhere in the past. Roho already has "The Terminator" but I didn't so I figured I better get it, and in this edition it's been lovingly re-encoded with 5.1 Dolby sound! Armegeddon is fluff, but it's fluff I like so I got it. Where else can I watch Steve Buscemi ride a nuclear weapon like something out of "Doctor Strangelove?"

I'm at 130 DVDs now, with a few floating around on loan to my friends that haven't been added to the database yet. This is a Good Thing, oh yes.

We also stopped at PetSmart to pick up some various supplies for the felines who dominate our household. I picked up a "welcome mat" for litter boxes that I hope will trap the grains of cat litter that Ra is constantly tracking out of his box. My bedroom looks like a damned beach at this point, and tomorrow night I'm going to vacuum it for all that I'm worth in an attempt to prevent dune buggies from tearing the place up too bad. I also got a foodbowl and waterbowl mat, since Ra's water bowl tends to spill with just the faintest jostle. At the very least it should keep my carpet a little more dry, and prevent the tracked litter from turning into a grey clump of clay that's embedded in the fibers. The trials and tribulations of owning a cat are many, let me tell you. With that in mind I decided to exact some revenge by purchasing a ten foot lead and a "cat harness." The harness is pretty neat, it goes around Ra's neck and straps around his waist, just behind his forelegs. I set him up in his new outfit and turned him loose in the apartment. I think the cat is part Borg because he flipped, flopped, maiowed and then calmed down. I think it took him all of fifteen seconds to adapt to that harness, something most cats don't do for days. See why I say he's a Borg-kitty?

I took him outside, tethered him and let him get used to being outdoors in a controlled fashion. I also took several pictures that I will add to the gallery tomorrow afternoon. After he shrugged out of the harness (smart little bugger figured out how to use the tether as a source of leverage) I hauled him back inside, plopped down on the couch and watched "Adaptation," a movie I'd purchased a few weeks ago but hadn't even unwrapped yet.

All told Sunday's shopping escapade cost me $300 even. Not bad, but not great either.

Monday was spent at work picking up the various pieces from the weekend. I closed a few tickets and spent most of my day chasing Cisco around in an attempt to locate an errant box that was holding a part I needed. Eventually I located it -- it had been sitting for five hours in the shipping and receiving department, of all places. I asked them if they had received any packages for me at 0800 and they assured me that no, they hadn't -- yet there it was some five hours later. It's very frustrating to find that people can misplace a box with $30,000 worth of equipment in it without even batting an eye. I made an appointment with the Naperville location to meet with them on Tuesday and then bailed for home, cursing my extra-loud exhaust the whole way home. I ran into linnaeus at the office, since the poor lad works in the same company I do. He even works in the same department, just in a different team -- and his team is working ungodly hours right now. I'm not sure exactly how he's surviving.

Today wasn't bad at work. AC was out for half the day, I learned how to convert MP3s to on-hold music for my IP phone (Yes, I will have Neil Young as my hold music tomorrow!) and I got a copy of a purchase order that I've been impatiently waiting for. I also did some more work on OpenView. For lunch RW, BB and I went over to the Borders that shares a parking lot with us. The two of them had lunch there but I opted to pass; nothing was particularly Atkins-friendly and the prices were outrageous. $6 for a small drink, a bag of chips and a sandwich of only moderate size? And I can't eat the chips or the bread, so I'd be paying $6 for a drink and some meat and cheese? I don't think so.

At 2:30 I bailed out of the office for the Naperville center, got down to I-88 and realized I'd left some parts on my desk. I turned around, rushed back to the office to get what I needed and then jumped on the highway. Thankfully traffic was good so I made it there by my 3:00 PM appointment. I was lead to the switch room, unpacked the supervisor blade and cringed -- Cisco had sent me the wrong bloody part! This was a Supe-2 board for a Catalyst 6509, all right, but it was missing the MSFC-2 daughter board and only had 64M of RAM. I was supposed to get a blade with the MSFC-2 and 256M of RAM! I persevered, though, and plugged the slot in. WHAM! The chassis goes into ROMMON. Okay, fine, reset it and see what happens. Oh, it didn't like that at all, now did it? Hmm, let's call Cisco and see what they have to say. Oh, they're sorry. They're SORRY? Okay, accept the apology, what can we do about it. Do I want to wait onsite for the replacement with the proper parts, or do it tomorrow? Hmm... check with the center director. Let's do it tomorrow....

So tomorrow at 0900 sharp I'm going to be standing in our Naperville center with my laptop in one hand and a very expectant expression upon my face. If Cisco doesn't show up on time I swear I will find some unholy demon that I can summon to raze their entire Logistics division to the ground. The good news is that it means I get to skip some time at work, effectively giving me a half-day at the Tower of Pain. This is a good thing, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. You know, for once this is a case where "making lemonade" from the lemons I was given is something I can actually do. It's odd how those old axioms come back to haunt you, isn't it?

The evening was relatively unremarkable. I installed the new version (5.0 Alpha 11) of TinyFugue and I am in awe of the advancements the author has made with the package. It's chock-full of new features, it's noticeably faster and it only took me one file hack to get it to compile. If this is alpha software I can't wait until he puts out the "stable" release.

He said I like it with a big white grin

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