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Photos, exhaust, more...

Got my paperwork submitted and fees paid for my passport. The US Department of State took $55 from me for their portion of the processing, and Vernon Township charged me $38 to handle the paperwork at their facility. The picture they took of me is horrible, absolutely horrible. It's amazing just how much power a simple photograph can have over your self-esteem. The gal that was taking the picture was a great deal shorter than me so she asked me to sort of crouch in front of her, and even after that she still ended up point the camera "up" at me so the picture is a lovely study of the underside of my face. I also have this faint grimace-smile on my face from trying to stay crouched for her since she wouldn't let me just sit in a chair. The nick on my throat from shaving is quite clearly visible and my mustache is crooked. That's the photo I'm going to get to carry with me for ten years, and I look like death warmed over. Hurrah.

Driving to work today I hit a bump on the overpass which apparently was just strong enough to dislodge the bandage I had placed on my exhaust system. I am once again graced with wide-open headers, the sound of which is so loud it gives me a headache on my commute. I will attempt another patch tomorrow with my remaining repair kit if the weather permits such work. Hurrah.

Ra has, for the last few days, been suffering from some condition that could be a urinary tract infection, could be constipation or could be a blockage of some sort. He goes into his litter box, stays there for a few minutes and growls occasionally as he tenses and strains. I'll be calling the vet tomorrow to see what they think I should do about it. I'm praying the silly black beast didn't swallow something that's blocked up his digestive tract, but I honestly suspect that is the root cause. Hurrah.

Even though AC is out for the rest of the week he still left me a message in my e-mail that destroyed my morale for the day. Apparently I'm now at fault for an ISDN problem we've been experiencing for the last three months but was only brought to AC's attention because of the effectiveness of my OpenView project. Hurrah.

Orlando crashed their 6509 core layer 3 switch which took their entire administrative segment offline. Matters were further complicated by Cisco who had no idea how to work with the code we run (we load our layer 3 cat6ks with "Native" mode code; that is we convert the supervisor/MSFC to run Cisco's IOS instead of CatOS. Don't ask my why the foreign software on the platform is called "Native" and the software that it ships with is called "Hybrid," because I don't know either) and managed to completely screw up the dispatch of the Field Engineer to the site until well after the replacement Supervisor card had shown up. Hurrah, much hilarity ensued.

Helpdesk stupidity ensued. I shall not detail their inability to troubleshoot even the simplest thing. Hurrah.

I'm working the swing shift this week, as I may have mentioned. 1100-1930 is my workday for this entire week, coupled with on-call status. My weekend activities are severely curtailed because I have to be available. Hurrah.

The good news is that we ate at Coyote's for lunch today, and I had tasty chicken and steak. I'm sure it put me right at the edge of my carb count for the day, but frankly after yesterday's fiasco I'm not terribly worried about it at this point because of the fiasco from yesterday with Chipotle.

I came home, tucked my stash of Atkins bars in the crisper drawer of the fridge to prevent them from melting in our new-found heat wave and snacked on a Chocolate Decadence bar. I spent a little time online and watched most of Good Morning Vietnam. This was the highlight of my day because it didn't aggravate me to the point I wanted to scream. I guess I'm being overly irritable today but I've hit a wall when it comes to my patience for the various problems that keep cropping up in my life, and patience is not one of my virtues when it comes to situations like this.

Tomorrow I'll try calling my parents again to see if I can get a status update on Priscilla and the Expedition.

You gotta decide

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