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Not much to write about today... - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
Not much to write about today...
I was treated to lunch -- quite surprisingly -- by AC after he pretty much forced my entire team to perform an hour or so of manual labor, with the idea being that lunch would be a "reward" for cleaning up the equipment storage area. I'm not entirely certain what got him so keen on having that area swept and organized but I guess I shouldn't complain about the fact we did get a lunch out of him for it. That's the first lunch he's ever bought for us as a group since he was hired on as our manager two years ago. In all honesty I'm still not impressed -- his "team building" skills as a manager are severely lacking if this is the first team lunch he's ever held.

Lunch was chosen to be held at Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food restaurant that's been catching on throughout the nation with amazing speed. What surprises me even more is that this restaurant chain is owned by McDonalds Corporation. Well, if anybody was going to revolutionize a style of cuisine into fast food it makes sense that it would be McD's doing the revolutionizing. I'm sure McDonalds is just looking at it as a way of diversifying their market in case the burger scene continues to suffer a lawsuit backlash. My only complaint about today's lunch was that the people preparing my entree (a "Burrito Bol", which is a burrito in a bowl minus the wrap) didn't pay close attention to me and added quite a bit of rice to my selection. Rice is supposed to be a no-no for me on the diet right now, but since I was faced with the choice of eating the meal as-is or trying to get the problem resolved in the middle of the lunch-hour rush (with a line stretching around the restaurant and out the door at this point) I decided that it would be better to just eat the bowl as it was prepared. I know I destroyed my carbohydrate count for the day, but hopefully I won't derail my metabolism too severely. I'm four pounds away from goal and I've just finally started to get off this plateau, I don't want things to go wrong now!

The weather in the area has finally turned to summer, and I guess it's about time it did so. Today was a warm, sunny day with temperatures well into the 90s, and I enjoyed every minute of it that I could get outside. My biggest problem with being a cube-dweller is I just don't get to be outside as much as I like, and I tend to only notice the weather as I'm walking into the building in the morning and walking out of it at night. The rest of the day I live in a sort of meteorological vacuum, and it makes me feel a little sad. There was a time when I was outside every day doing something, and always knew what the next day's weather was going to be like because I would stay up late to watch the weather forecast with my parents. Even when I started working my first job was at a green house, and that had lots of outdoor labor as well. The first cost of being an IT professional is forgetting what the sun looked like, I suppose. Regardless of how little I am outside at this point it's gotten warm enough that we've finally turned on the apartment's air conditioning. This is the first apartment I've ever had that came equipped with central air, and I'm really starting to appreciate it. Our electricity bills are smaller because the compressor is far more efficient, and the entire living space is cooled, not just one room. Let's hear it for newer buildings and modern climate control technology!

Ra seems to be suffering from something that could be a urinary tract infection (remarkably common in felines) or constipation. For the last couple hours he's been in and out of his litter box, but I don't hear him scratching and pushing the kitty litter around before he gets out. The only thing he's doing is going in, squatting and growling now and then as if he's in pain. Then he gets back out, and tries again ten or fifteen minutes later. I did a quick probe over him, pressing here and there on his abdomen to see if he was sensitive to pressure and didn't get any real response. I guess what I need to do is change his box tomorrow morning and then closely monitor it for new stools or any sign of bloody urine. Sometimes I really wish the poor little bugger could talk in even some limited fashion so that I could understand better what he's feeling. I have a guess, but it's only a guess at this point. To say that I'm worried is an understatement.

Tomorrow I'll be making my way to the passport application processing center at the town hall near my apartment. I have my certified copy of my birth certificate, my state-issued ID (ID and a driver's license, no less!), I've filled out the paperwork and I have my checkbook ready to go. I get to pay $80 at the minimum, have some photos taken and pray that I filled all the paperwork out to the government's satisfaction. Once I've done the paperwork shuffle and given them my check I then get to partake in the waiting game. shaddragon tells me she got her passport in about two weeks, but they say with processing the time to allot for any passport to arrive can be as high as six weeks -- if one should arrive at all. I could for some reason be denied, and the fees are non-refundable. I could pay an additional $60 for "expedited" processing but that seems awfully exorbitant when they're already charging me $80 to begin with...

Something good to remember: The Don Williams Experience that I shared with captain18 and his father not that long ago (September 21st, 2002. I defer to Captain's summary of the performance and trip as a whole, he does the experience far more justice than I ever could). The night of the concert was a little chilly but overall the weather was gorgeous -- clear sky, not a cloud in sight, stars twinkling down. The ballroom was an aweseom venue -- it was very cozy, not too cramped but not overly large. The accoustics were excellent, a testament to the craftsmen who built it (they didn't need computers to design a dance hall's accustics, they just knew from instinct and experience how to make it sound good). As Don and his band warmed up so did we, doing a little bit of drinking that varied between beer and mixed drinks. The high point of the evening, I think, is a tie: One part that stirs fond memories is singing along to "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good." The other "high" of the night was walking out of the ballroom after the show, warm and happy, flushed with good music, good drink and good company and just thinking to myself "I really had fun tonight." I don't have thoughts like that nearly often enough in my life.

Your face before me though I don't know why

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frysco From: frysco Date: June 24th, 2003 04:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
Lunch was chosen to be held at Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food restaurant that's been catching on throughout the nation with amazing speed. What surprises me even more is that this restaurant chain is owned by McDonalds Corporation.

Grr... I dislike McDonalds (never cared for their food), and I dislike Chipotle, as it displaced my local Boston Market.
captain18 From: captain18 Date: June 24th, 2003 06:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Just remember, Don will be back in the Dells on October 11th!
From: (Anonymous) Date: June 25th, 2003 03:37 am (UTC) (Link)

Short reply? ;)

Hey Feren,

This is LiinSara writing... I just wanted this to arrive in your post box, as I'm not sure if my e-mail is working and didn't know an alternative from work...

If you've received my address in the e-mail I sent recently, please respond?
feren From: feren Date: June 25th, 2003 05:23 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Short reply? ;)

Hello dear lady!

No, I did not get your postal address via e-mail. I've got your package boxed up and waiting here, and I really would like to send it. I'm not sure if perhaps my mail server is bouncing mail from you or if your mail just isn't getting to me to begin with.

Hmmm. Perplexing.
jingle From: jingle Date: June 25th, 2003 04:53 am (UTC) (Link)
From one cubicle-dweller to another: Fear sun! Sun bright! Sun make skin warm! Use SPF 50!
I'm glad to hear that you have central air. The air conditioning back at the apartment complex Mousie and I used to live at sucked large boulders, but the central air in the house we live in now is heavenly. Though we've had to use it about every day the last couple weeks, which is surely fattening up the electric bill. We have ceiling fans in most every room, including the bedroom, but we still have to use the AC from morning through early evening, when we can let the fans circulate the cooler air.
Get better, Ra! Meow!
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