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Be a good consumer...

Apparently Citi thinks I have been neglecting my duties to help stimulate the local, national and global economy. To this end they decided to send me a small envelope with a pull-out message inside.

Needless to say I felt sort of like Korben Dallas when I pulled the little sheet out of the envelope and saw "Dear Feren, congratulations!" I was half-waiting for a little mechanical-sounding voice to crow, "You're a winner! Hah-hah-hah!" when I read that opening line. I read down a little further and saw "For your card ending in 6080, we have granted a credit line increase. Your credit line is now $18,400. It's our way of thanking loyal card members like you." Yes, they really printed the limit in boldface. At the bottom was a little jibe that made me smile. Underneath the CEO's signature they printed a little line that read, "P.S. Enjoy your higher credit line of $18,400 today." Yes, little minion, go and spend! Incur interest and merchant fees so that we may remain profitable!

I love it when somebody's intentions are so transparent.

Still I was a little perplexed by this development since I'd just received a credit line increase from them about two months ago. Maybe they're getting nervous since I haven't spent any money with the card recently. Still, it's always nice -- if dangerous -- to have a higher credit limit. I know that I can handle the responsibility and I'm pleased to think of the positive effect that this will have upon my credit score. According to the credit score simulation program I've got access to this increase will reflect well upon me when I go to buy a house. I'd have a perfect score if I didn't have those late payments back in 1998 and 1999, but I can't change the past and I've learned from my mistakes.

Most amusing to me was when I opened up Quicken to update my CitiBank profile (Quicken can keep track of the credit limit of any card you set up in the "Banking Center."). When I clicked on "Credit Limit" it showed me what had been, until just recently, my Citicard's limit. The maximum amount I could spend on the card until this week? $12,600. And now I've got a credit limit of $18,400. That's a $5,800 limit increase.

Very cool.

I come back feelin' like a fool who's believin'

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