Feren (feren) wrote,

GAH redux....

It's 9:19 AM, I've had 2 hours and change of sleep, and I've been woken up by my manager. Seems the LAN at the office is in total fucking chaos. My prelim survey of the landscape from remote (read via my laptop while I stay comfortably in bed) indicates that both Laiza and I were too punch-drunk at 5:30 in the morning to notice we'd left both the 6509 core router and the 3660 router on "autosense" instead of locking them to a set port speed of 100Mbit on their ethernet interfaces. This appears to be resulting in the Ethernet lines flapping at an astonishing rate.

Problem is, I started to fix it and then completely lost my connection. So I'm waiting for a coworker to arrive at the office so I can have them plug in directly to the core and lock the change in. With luck that will fix it. Otherwise it looks like I'll be having to drive in to the office. Dammit.

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