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Happy Two Years to Me

According to my information this journal was created two years and one hour ago. I created mine after seeing yakkette's journal mentioned one day on IRC. I lurked about hers for a while, commented now and then and finally created one for myself with the idea that it'd make identifying my responses easier. I was surprised to find shortly afterward that aureth had created a journal some two months before me. From there on the meme spread to people such as roho, enveri, haikujaguar, shiver101, captain18, aynjel, ronbar, frostyw and many of my other friends. This has been, in its own way, a community-building experience for me.

Since my journal's inception I have posted 587 entries, written 1,655 comments and received 1,804 comments in return.

Two years, people. Dig on that for a minute. I've been writing about my life in a public forum for two years, with almost no censorship of details or thoughts. I've put my good days up here and my bad ones, pretty much everything has been written about in one way or another. No where else is there another collection of my experiences and thoughts like this (I suppose some of you are probably saying "And we're thankful about that, too!" Well, nyah). The paper journals I tried to keep never lasted beyond a few weeks; electronic ones only lasted a month or two at best. Neither type have survived to today so I've nothing to look back on for comparison purposes against LiveJournal.

I'm not sure I can think of the last hobby that required this level of dedication I had that lasted two years outside of playing about on the various MUCKs and MUSHs out there, and even then in two years my use of them has seriously evolved from role-playing to more of a communications medium. Perhaps the reason I've stuck with this particular hobby so long is because it isn't static -- writing in this journal is very much a dynamic interaction between myself and everyone else who reads or even skims it. I write and people respond to what I write (sometimes); other people I know write and I (sometimes) respond to them. It's interactive, not necessarily in real-time but close enough that I feel like I have another communication medium available to me for use whenever I need it.

That's actually pretty darn cool.

Like the Romans do

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