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MasterCard ripoff....

Yesterday on the drive home from the storage unit Roho and I stopped by AutoZone to pick up a few goodies for our respective vehicles. Since Roho's Saab is acting a bit wonky we thought some new spark plugs might be in order for him, and I needed to get a few things in preparation for the acquisition of my new truck (I still hate calling it the SUV that it is) as well as another exhaust repair kit for my F-150. So, with no further delay I bring you my personal experience in the form of a Debit Mastercard commercial.....

Cast-like repair kit for F-150's exhaust system: $2.99 on debit MasterCard.
Haynes repair manual for a 1997-2002 Ford Expedition: $14.99 on debit MasterCard.
Snarling panther on a rock window-cling for Expedition's rear window: $29.99 on debit MasterCard.

Having second thoughts that you're "ricing out" your new truck... priceless.

Argh. I am conflicted! I want to put the neat-looking sticker on my new truck, but I'm not sure how good it will look -- and I'm afraid it'll give off a "ricey" feel. I guess if worse comes to worse and I don't like how it looks after it's applied I can just peel it off.

Today marks the "twelve days until I go back to Minnesota and see my family" point and I'm pretty excited about it. A small part of me is wondering what they'll think of me when they see me on the doorstep -- since they saw me two years ago I've lost thirty pounds and let a beard grow in. Watching their reactions will be sort of interesting.

Sample and hold

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