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Promised update...

I'm going to keep this brief since my wrists are killing me, and my left one is being especially painful still. More NSAIDs for me!

Friday was a mixed bag. Things at work weren't too horrible, I got my IP phone up and running and started experimenting with it at my desk. We did Bumpers as per the usual, spent some time talking at the bar with James and then came home. It was surprisingly empty in the pool hall, we had almost nobody around us.

Saturday was grocery and errand day for roho and I. We used the sheet rock screws he had acquired to fasten our DVD stands to the wall so crazed cats and late-night stumblings could no longer knock the stupid things over. It's a small thing, a sheet rock screw, but it can do wonders when you really need to have them. After chores we zipped over to Sam Ash music. There was a sale going on Saturday with a large amount of markdowns on a number of items. I must have spent an hour and a half in the store, looking at everything, debating with myself what to purchase and what not to buy. I managed to ignore Roho's coaxing to buy the Micro-Korg on the grounds that I have one instrument to deal with already and since I don't plan on getting involved with raves any time soon I don't need something that can basically be called a "rave in a box." The instrument is cool, don't get me wrong... I just don't need one right now.

I ended up walking out of the store with a bill of around $296. I bought a bass tuner, a pair of studio headphones, some guitar picks (I needed thicker picks than what I've been using to really get an authoritative attack going), a guitar strap, some new lesson books and a couple of instrument cables. Buying stuff for music certainly adds up fast in terms of cost -- what's most depressing is I was able to walk out of there with pretty much everything in three thin paper bags (the headphones were in a box too large to fit in the tiny bags, or it would have been four). After we left Sam Ash it was over to Sam's Club for groceries. I picked up a DVD (About Schmidt), some soap, some soda and some water along with some cheese and peppers for the continuing dietary plan. You'd think I'd get tired of that by now, but I haven't.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. We went to BD's for lunch, and ate out on the patio. Sara served us, and remarked that she's pretty well moved in so we should make an effort to come visit her in her new condo. We'll have to take her up on it soon. I've got a great idea for a housewarming gift, since she's very big on animal prints and the "jungle" feel in her decorations.

Monday was back to the grind at work, something I'm never very happy about. I got out of the office about 45 minutes late because I was dealing with the cursed Meta-IP product again. I cannot understand how something that's BIND-based can be so sucky.

When I got home I decided the day was too pleasant to stay indoors so I put on my swim trunks and walked down to the pool. I had to come back to the apartment because I didn't have keys to the clubhouse (You have to go through the clubhouse to get to the pool, via the locker rooms/rest rooms). I sat on a lounge chair and just let the sun fall down on me for about 40 minutes, then I got into the pool. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the pool was heated -- either that or it retained warmth from the sun really really well. I swam about for about 24 minutes, during which time I was reminded of several facts:

  • I haven't been swimming in well over 13 years
  • I'm in lousy physical condition
  • Chlorine sucks

    I also made a very disturbing discovery when I swam out to the 10-foot-deep area of the pool and stopped treading water. See, it used to be that I'd float like a cork in a pool. Since then something has changed and I now follow in my grandfather's footsteps -- if I stop treading water and exhale even slightly I sink like a stone to the bottom. This was a rather unsettling discovery for me to make, because I couldn't stop thinking of my grandfather's stories about his time in the Navy. Still, I had a pretty good time in the pool despite my self-consciousness. I've studiously avoided pools for the last decade or more, jumping into one now was like learning about swimming all over again.

    Once it got dark I got out of the pool and wandered over to the weight room. I spent about 30 minutes there tinkering around with the machines and listening to the TV jabber. When it was all over I walked the two blocks home to the apartment and enjoyed a quiet evening of rest.

    Tuesday was equally unimpressive at work. I left on time and came home as fast as I could, which wasn't very fast because of traffic. Because the weather was nice I decided to go to the pool again. I laid in the sun for about an hour, then jumped in the pool and puttered around for about 20 minutes or so before coming home. When I got home and dried off I jumped on the treadmill and got ready to put in an hour with me newer speed/incline program. Unfortunately my goal was cut short when 34 minutes into the routine it became exceedingly painful for me to breath. I ended up getting off the belt and collapsing on the couch for about fifteen minutes while I tried to get things back under control. I'm not sure what happened there, but it didn't make me terribly happy. Frankly it made me rather afraid, because I don't know what happened and my mind came up with all sorts of unpleasant possibilities.

    An upside of Tuesday night is that I floated a $500 loan to my friend Poe, who is in rather dire financial straights at the moment. Yes, this means I had to give up $500 of my savings, but it means helping out a friend in need and I've got more than enough cash to go around right now despite the extravagant spending of Saturday. Hopefully he can put it to good use and get his program in order. At the very least now his water won't get shut off and he can buy his cats some food.

    Tuesday night also had, of course, the other bits of unpleasantness that I already wrote about.

    Today was rather dull at work. We thought there was a system compromise that might have taken place on a server, but it sounds like a false alarm. For lunch DP, RW and I went over to the Kopper Kitchen. I had tasty scrambled eggs and ham again, with a few slices of tomato on the side. When we got back I spent some time helping to troubleshoot a potential firewall problem, and worked some more on my Never ending Project, OpenView. It rained a great deal once we got back from lunch, and when I left at 4pm it was pouring out. This rain and cool temperature combination pretty much ruled out any thoughts I had of going poolside again today. I briefly contemplated some time on the treadmill but after yesterday's incident with the painful breathing I decided that a day of rest might be in order.

    Ra's been throwing up almost every day, despite medication. I've been directed to up the dose, so hopefully we can get things back under control.

    I spoke with my father for quite a while today. Priscilla has not had a miraculous recovery by any means but they've upgraded her status to something a little less terrifying. It sounds like she may be discharged from the hospital within the next week if she continues to recover at this rate. Once she's been discharged she'll be moved to a physical therapy unit where she'll undergo a lot of counseling and training to live with her new disability. There's talk of doing a transplant (either an organ donation from a designated donor, or a transplant from a relative) to see if they can give her a digestive system again. Until that's settled and done she won't be eating and will be living off IV fluids. It's got to be quite an adjustment for her, at age 31 and contemplating the next 40+ years with no solid food....

    The Expedition I'll be getting has finally made it to the farm! It's funny because my parents had just gotten home from towing it back when I called to talk with my dad. He's going to start working on it in the next few days, and with any luck can get down to the timing chain by this time next week. If it is the timing chain that's screwed up and no other damage has happened to the engine (bent push rods, bent valves, etc) the truck could very well be ready for me to pick up when I hit Minnesota on the Fourth of July weekend. I'm excited and hopeful to say the very least. I've started pricing out a new stereo system for it already, and I think I can get away with a pretty decent setup for a reasonable price thanks to the wonder that is eBay... but I've got one small snag to deal with first. You see, the Ford Expedition has been around since about 1997 and is available in many different models such as the XLT, the Eddie Bauer and more. Each model has a different DIN size for the head unit, a different layout for the console. So a 1998 Expedition XLT might be different than a 1997 with the Mach stereo system, or even a 1998 Expedition XLT with the "Premium" sound system. Frustrating!

    The finer things keep shining through
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