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One and a half hours into my workday...

... and my left wrist is a flaming agony that knows no end. Most vocal in its outcry is my little finger, which seems to be directly connected to the pain center of my brain. *curls finger* *shooting pain stabs through the arm* *collapses under desk and whimpers with hand clutched to chest*

The Smart Gloves have been on since I sat down at my desk and they're only helping a little. In retrospect I'm not sure why I'm so surprised by this, I've been feeling a sensation of pain in that hand for the last couple days. I think it was most notable when I was practicing on the bass and trying to finger the "D" on the c-major scale, or the "G" -- basically anything that involved my pinkie bending beyond a degree or two.

I think I shall go search for anti-inflammatories now. If memory serves me right I have a few stashed somewhere in my desk, probably in one of the lower drawers. I used to have a regular pharmacy in there, I wonder how much of it is still remaining? In light of this morning's misery with the CTS I think I'll delay my update until sometime in the afternoon, so that the meds can have some time to work their magic. I don't think I'll be able to do much writing if I feel a searing pain each time I strike the "a" key.

A new religion that'll bring you to your knees

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