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Here's an odd thought...

... a while ago (last week, to be truthful) I was sitting at work, bored out of my mind and considering how best to occupy my time. One of the things that came into my head was to put an open poll in my journal and let people ask me a question that I'd answer honestly, no matter how painfully personal it might be. I was under no impression that this was an original idea, but it did seem like a fun way to pass the time. One benefit I saw to the exercise was that I might get a question that would challenge me. I have no idea what sort of question about myself would actually make me stop and think -- but I could hope, right?

Then I noticed about seven other people on my friends list were doing or had just done the same thing. So much for that idea! Now I'm searching for something else to do with the journal. I'm going to have a lot of boring spare time next week, since I'm on call again.

Yesterday I did the work thing, came home and watched some TV. After a while I decided I'd like to get dinner but didn't feel like doing anything under my own power, so enveri and I went up to our favorite restaurant (if you guessed BD's, you guessed correctly) and had dinner. Sara was once again serving; unfortunately it was a very busy night at the restaurant so we didn't get a lot of time to talk. While I was digesting my meal and idly sipping my soda I saw a young girl there, standing by the bar completely unsupervised. The reason this kid caught my attention was because she was all of maybe eight or so years old and dressed in a manner that I personally thought was completely inappropriate for a girl of her age. I guess if I ever have children I'm going to be one of those "unpopular" parents because I won't let my kid completely dictate their wardrobe. $130 sneakers with the latest major athlete's endorsement? Guess again... I won't even spend $40 on a pair of sneakers if I can help it. I just can't understand paying that much money for a pair of shoes.

After dinner I spent forty-five minutes practicing on the bass (I must get some new material! Maybe tonight I'll go grab some tabs off the 'web for a couple of Neil Young tunes. I know I can get tabulature to "Cinnamon Girl."). After the practice I changed clothes and got on the treadmill. I didn't want to walk a full hour, but didn't want to slack off too much either. I settled on 30 minutes at four m.p.h. and called it good. I was rather impressed with myself, I managed to get through it without any real problem, although I did burn through both bottles of water in a pretty short time. I'm definately feeling the added .5 mph today in my calves.

I had backed Ra off his medicine entirely, and seemed to be doing really well. Unfortunately when I got home yesterday there was a pile of his cat food resting by the main door, so I decided it's back onto the Prednisone for him. Poor little bugger, I'd really like to keep him from being on medication for the rest of his life, but it seems like the minute I wean him from it he relapses.

I need to call my parents tonight and check in on Priscilla's condition. Given how grave things were earlier I'm working under the assumption that no news, in this case, means good news. If she'd gotten worse I have no doubt they would have called so that I could start making plans to take a leave of absence from work. Since that's not happened I'm wagering her condition has improved at least a little. I should get confirmation of that tonight, if I can reach my folks.

Tomorrow I must mail out Father's Day cards to my grandfather and my father. I know they won't get there in time (they might have if I had mailed them out today, darn it!) but I'd like to know I at least made some marginal effort. I'm very bad with cards.

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