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Well, it's official now, because the mailman made it so.

I already knew that I was going to be at the wedding for captain18 and spoothbrush this summer, but today the invitation arrived so I guess I'm now locked in. I'm teasing, of course... I've known for some time that I was going to be one of the groomsmen, and I've had the proof of it for quite some time: a fitting form for the tux from the formal wear shop.

The arrival of the invitation and the subsequent formalization of my travel plans for late July and early August are about the most important things that happened today. Work was the continuing saga of melodrama that it always is, so I'll just gloss over that part and spare everyone the boring details. When I got home I spent some time lounging on the patio, sipping on a diet coke and finishing "Rainbow Six." It's taken me the better part of a month but I finally got through it! Sad but true fact: I used to go through novels of equal thickness in a week or less.

I lent a hand to enveri in the kitchen when it came time to make dinner. Tonight's selection was a tasty vegetable stir-fry that consisted mainly of onions, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese. As always I add a bit of Tabasco sauce to flavor to taste, and I was in heaven. I made very quick work of my meal, tucked the plate in the sink and went back out on the porch to read for a few more minutes. It felt good to be outside, the weather has finally become a little more summer-like. It was sunny and warm today, not cool and rainy nor oppressively hot. I can take weather like this for weeks! I hope it lasts.

Not only did it feel good to get outside the apartment while I was reading, I also felt good because for once I was able to help Kestral out with the cooking (even if I mostly did so by putting dishes away and staying out of her path). She's cooked so many meals for me I think I've forgotten how to prepare food for myself, and I always feel bad when she appears at the couch with a drink and a plate in hand for me without my doing anything to help.

After dinner and reading I retreated to my bedroom and plugged the bass in. I figured since it's been about a week since I last practiced that it was time I got back into the habit of plunking away for thirty minutes a day. Between the guitar, the treadmill and the various other chores I should be partaking in every day it seems like my free time is whittling down bit by bit. This is even more odd because the days have gotten longer; I continue to feel like I should be outside, doing even more things like working on my truck. I guess there's still a little bit of the farm boy left in me who sees daylight and wants to make use of it, even if it's only busywork as an excuse to bask in good weather...

Tomorrow I'll use my lunch break at work to make all my final reservations for the upcoming travel. It looks like I'll be flying out to New Jersey sometime in the evening of July 31st, grabbing a car and heading for wherever I choose to take lodging. My flight back to Chicago should be sometime in the afternoon of August 3rd. I'd stay late, but I've gotten a little tired of coming in to ORD at 2230 hours and having to navigate dark corridors and even darker parking ramps. It's not that I fear for my safety, it's just that... I'm not sure exactly how to describe it. I guess it's fair to say that I've seen the same thing over and over again, and I've grown weary of it. I'd like to come in early for once, and make sure I don't fall prey to the cycle I've played out so many times before: come in late to the airport, rush to get my luggage, rush out to the car, rush to the gate to pay my parking toll, rush to get home, barely unpack and then fall into bed so that I can get up four hours later so I can go to work. Nope, I'm tired of that routine, and I'm done rushing, so I think I'll fly home in the afternoon and enjoy a lazy drive back, and then a long hot shower once I get home. Yeah, I'm liking this plan.

Welcome to the jungle

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