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Wasted day...

I'd forgotten that I was supposed to stay home today to wait for Ameritech to come and do some wiring work in preparation for the replacement DSL line. So, when I got up this morning and discovered I had a massive migraine, I was rather relieved that I had a legitimate excuse to stay home other than "My head hurts." The migraines have been getting gradually more frequent, and are proving to be quite bothersome to me -- aside from making me miss work they don't make me feel particularly charitable towards my common man, nor do they let me do many things that could be considered "productive" during the day. As understanding as work pretends to be I have this unsettling feeling that they think I'm faking it -- I mean, if I break a leg I have a cast to prove it. But a headache? One so severe I can barely see color sometimes? That's a considerably harder thing to prove, and as the suspect of the company the burden of proof falls to me. This is why I was relieved to have the Ameritech "appointment" today to use as a reason to skip work.

So, after shooting off an e-mail to my manager and coworkers with the message that I wouldn't be in for the day, I took one of my various headache meds and shuffled back to bed. I spent the next three hours tossing and turning, wishing I had something stronger (Oh, I miss my Vicodin) to help combat this amazing pain in my head. Occasionally I dozed, and when I had finally hit a decent deep sleep around 11:00 in the morning the work cell, quite naturally, rings and wakes me up. My manager was on the other end, in a fine lather about how I really should come in, how I should postpone the Ameritech visit (HAH! Fat chance on that -- I waited two weeks to get this appointment and by god I was going to keep it) and any other number of silly rantings. Suffice to say I shot down as many as I could and then got to the meat of the issue: He didn't want to risk looking bad, so wanted Laiza, one of the other network engineers, to come in tonight at 10:00pm to begin cutting over the network connections so that we didn't have mass chaos this Sunday when the line is shut off by our former DR provider. Okay, I could sort of understand that -- it wasn't an entirely unreasonable request. I mean, why create more trouble for yourself by risking having the network twitch, stutter, hiccup and then resume function when you could just have a smooth cut over late at night, when nobody would notice? And should the cut over not go so smoothly, well, nobody would be the wiser because nobody would be connected, right? Well, not entirely, but close enough for this case.

So, fine, let him do a cut over at night. Why is he calling me? Oh, because he thinks Laiza is inexperienced I need to be there to baby sit. This I found particularly insulting, although not for the reason you may expect. In this case he was not only insulting Laiza's technical competence but my intelligence as well. He's trusted Laiza to manage the installation of all the new equipment, all the new frame relay lines, and the subsequent configuration and turn-ups that must occur -- yet when it comes time to throw the switch he wants me to be there to make sure she doesn't blow it? Come on, Allen, you can give me a more reasonable explanation than that. I mean, say Laiza was a fighter pilot... the analogy would be that she's taken off from the carrier, flown the mission, dropped the bomb, destroyed the target and returned home... but now you want me to get into the cockpit with her to make sure she doesn't land improperly. Bleah. But, rather than fight this, I just gave up and agreed to be in -- hoping that my meds would be taking effect before the agreed-upon time (10:00pm CDT). They seem to have, but I need to dose up again before I leave the apartment.

Ameritech evidentially visited, but evidentially the technician didn't need to speak with me or ask for my "help" in getting the pair assigned. The phone has been ringing all day but it's been work-related stuff, and the doorbell hasn't rung even once. I also received an e-mail confirmation from Megapath that they're ready to take the next step and install the inside wiring. This is a good sign. If all goes smoothly, in about one week I'll be on my new DSL line and puttering along happily until that DSL provider goes completely bankrupt. Their parent company has already filed Chapter 11, so my hopes are pinned on them at this point. If they decide to fold I'm basically out a lot of money and even more bandwidth, which will be what bugs me the most. It's sort of cool hosting one's own Quake 3 server and having your friends connect to it every night for death match fun.

So, I have two and a half hours until I'm expected to be at work to flip a few switches, edit a few lines and cross my fingers that nothing goes too horribly awry. I should spend it cleaning the apartment, but I don't think I will. Instead I suspect I will sit around on the IRC and chat with the #watertower folks. It's funny, but they've really become a bastion of sanity for me during these last few weeks -- a very high portion of them are articulate, witty individuals whom are a pleasure to speak to and hang around with (witness my periodic travels to meet up with Captain and Masem).

Any ways, I'm off to scrape up some dinner, kill time until work and then head in to the office.

It's all right, it's all right, it's all right
She moves in mysterious ways

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