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Tuesday night..

.. remember how I said I couldn't find the consultant, the vendor or the bar code scanner? As I was walking out the door at 8:20 PM I ran into the consultant. The scanner and the vendor arrived about 15 minutes afterwards. We started working and got done with everything at 1:40 in the morning. Yes, I worked from 11:00 AM Tuesday morning to 1:40 AM this morning. Then I went home, slept, and worked from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

When I got up this morning I did a few quick exercises but pretty much avoided the treadmill -- my arms and legs were sore from the beating I've been giving them all week as well as all the heavy lifting and moving I was doing last night. That sort of set the tone for my day -- it dragged by, and I dragged along with it. I suppose digging in at the Mexican buffet for lunch didn't help matters (mmm, food coma) but I still spent most of the day in a stupor that I largely blame on late hours and insufficient rest. At least I managed to get the 27 th floor's fiber feed lit from the data center (That took an hour to troubleshoot thanks to the lousy cross-patch on the 9 th floor), and I got a barcode scanner ordered for us so we never have to depend upon the vendor again for that particular piece of hardware. I took care of a few help desk tickets and also fought some with OpenView. That's about the extent of my "accomplishments" at the office. My manager was trying to stir up trouble again but fortunately DR (my direct supervisor) put an end to that crap before it got too far out of hand.

I'm sitting at home now and looking longingly at my bed... but unfortunately I have a pair of Cisco tech manuals on the VoIP solution that I should start reading. I also haven't practiced the bass in four or five days. I really should hit the 'mill tonight since I skipped it this morning. At the very least I need to get a few chapters into the Cisco books, though. No rest for the wicked, as they say.

Oh, one more sign that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.... some of you may know that while I don't believe the English language needs to be kept "pure" (It's a bastard child of about eight other languages to begin with) I don't think it's acceptable to completely screw up the language either. Tonight masem informed me via #watertower that the Oxford dictionary now recognizes "bling-bling" as a word. Somehow it figures they couldn't even absorb some decent slang...

Music has charms they say

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