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It's 1932 hours...

... do you know where your VoIP consultant is? Do you know where the vendor is? Do you know where the bar code scanner is? Do you know if they're even planning on being here tonight?

If I don't see the consultant, the vendor or the bar code scanner here by 2015 I am going home and telling them they can bloody well finish this project on their own during the rest of the week. I do not appreciate being jerked around in such a manner. I told them if they were planning on coming in at 8 PM then I'd stay past my scheduled departure time (7:30 PM) to lend a hand for as long as necessary to get the work done. Yet there's no sign of anybody, and no communication taking place. For all I know the whole plan for the evening has been scrapped.

I'm hungry, I'm bored and the silence in this place when it's 2.5 hours after Close Of Business is oppressive.

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