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I want to destroy Roho for pointing me to this. A fully refurbished DeLorean, for $35,000... and you can even custom-order it online with added features for a fairly reasonable fee. For example, you can get the 3-speed automatic or the 5-speed manual, you can get the exterior and interior to your spec, you can even get the engine upgraded to a 197 hp model (a significant uplift from the one that was originally offered stock). No, there is no "Flux Capacitor" package option...

I've been dreaming about owning one of these beauties for over ten years and only missed the one I was bidding on by a few hundred dollars... and that one was busted up and in need of some TLC. Now I've found out I can go buy a like-new one with a warranty with all the toys?!? This isn't fair.

Buy a house, or buy a collector's car. House, or collector's car... house, or car?

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