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I'm tired...

... because a 30 mile, one-and-a-half our commute which lets you witness the beginning of a car fire will do that to you. I eventually became so focused on just getting home that I didn't even think to stop at my credit union when I passed the Euclid Avenue exit. I need to get over to the bank because my reimbursement check for the trip to Southern California finally came through and I really need to deposit it soon. I suppose it won't matter that I missed the credit union today since I'll be going right back past it tomorrow.

Today was surprisingly slow at work. I handled a few helpdesk tickets, and watched the aftermath of a firmware upgrade on one of our Sun T-3 storage arrays that went a wee bit awry. I traded for the on-call/late shift with one of my coworkers (he asked politely and I hadn't any reason to tell him "no"). That means I'm now on call and working from 11 AM to 7:30 PM this week, and he'll take my on-call/late shift next week. There's a small upside to this -- I don't have to be in to the office early tomorrow so I should hopefully have enough time to do everything I want before work. For now tomorrow morning's list of goals is very simple: I want to hit the treadmill in the morning, take a shower afterward and stop by the bank on the drive to work. I really need to get that $1,006 taken care of.

On a completely unrelated note, Ra is a surprisingly graceless critter sometime. He jumped up on the back of my chair to cuddle with me, tried to cheek rub my shoulder, overbalanced and tumbled down to the floor. Why do I get to own such broken pets?

I still got a purpose to serve

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