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We just got home from Bumpers, which was really nice tonight. For a Friday it was surprisingly quiet in there, with only a few tables occupied and relatively few folks gathered around the bar. enveri and I got there a few minutes before 8pm, and waited until sometime around 9 when roho joined us. We stayed until about 10:30, just drinking, talking and joking. James the bartender was in good form and tonight Roho introduced him to a new drink (I think it was called "Satan's Whiskers," and lord was it tasty). In return James served us well and even comp'd me for one of my more strongly-mixed drinks. I only had three Dirty Birds tonight(vanilla vodka with diet coke, a staple at the poolhall since they're diet-friendly and generally tasty) since my proverbial tail was dragging this evening. The topic of conversation varied widely but involved some good-natured griping about jobs, general observations on the world around us and story-swapping abound drunken behavior between James and our little party.

All told it was a very good night, and even though we didn't shoot a single bit of pool it was a good end to a week that was "short" for me (four work days as opposed to five) but still somehow incredibly long.

It's good to be home. I'm listening to Voice Male on MP3, I have Ra curled upon my shoulders and purring like a posessed thing, and no major plans for tomorrow aside from some minor chores. I need to chip in around the apartment and do some cleaning and vacuuming, but I really am looking forward to being able to sleep in for an extra hour or two in the morning.

I'm too alone to be proud

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