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Slow Sunday...

I slept in late and only got up when I did because Ra was being rather chatty in his demands to be cuddled, fed and let out to roam the apartment. I got myself a quick breakfast (if you guessed an Atkins breakfast bar, you guessed correctly) and sort of poked around the apartment. I wasn't really sure what to make of my morning yet, since things from last night were still weighing on me.

Eventually I climbed online and hung about. Yes, it's a rut and I'm predictable, but there is no small amount of comfort in routine -- especially when it feels like things around you have gone a bit insane. The upshot of my little routine is that it does help keep me sane, especially when I'm at work and surrounded by people who think that walking fast and talking as loud as they can without actually shouting is a sign of *cough* productivity. Today's indulgence in routine had a definate bonus: I got to talk with somebody special again, for something like three hours. That's always time well spent, and I can count on getting a big dopey smile on my face during times like that because it goes such a long way towards brightening my day. The topic of conversation varied a great deal today and finally settled into nothing but general light chatter and a lot of snuggles, which was good because I wasn't feeling especially "deep" today. A cuddle, even one in VR, can sometimes say a great deal more than sixteen paragraphs of text.

After Liin slipped offline to tend to houseguests I joined Roho and Kestral for a jaunt over to Sam's Club. I was hoping to pick up some movies that I'd seen there last week but couldn't buy at the time because I'd stupidly forgotten my wallet. This proved to be a bad choice on my part because when we arrived today the movies I'd wanted were completely, utterly gone. All was not lost, however, because I did pick up "Misery," "Adaptation" and a special edition of a film I haven't seen in ages, "Dances With Wolves." I'm really looking forward to seeing that one again, although I've heard a lot of good things about Adaptation as well. Once I'd settled on those choices for the DVDs we made quick work of locating our other grocery needs (peppers, lots of diet soda and some more of the super-tasty beef sticks that go along so well with the diet) and then checked out. I'm beginning to agree with The Gord, I do not like being treated like a criminal when I walk out the door.

We returned home and I sprawled out on the couch, doing a bit of reading (I'm still working through Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six" if you're curious to know) before I put the book down, rolled onto my side and took a nap. I woke up a few times, tossed and turned and went back to sleep again. I think Kestral stopped by at one point to ask if there was anything she could do, commenting that I looked pathetic curled up on the futon. I got something of a rueful chuckle out of that as I recall, although I was not awake by any means so could just be having a mistaken memory.

Roho was invited by an old school chum of his to go to a party/dinner/reunion in the area, and said invitation was passed on to Kestral and myself. I declined, prefering to stay home since I didn't know most of the people involved and was not feeling overly social. I'm bad around strangers to begin with, and with the past week's events I really wasn't in the mood. Around 7:00 PM Roho and Kes slipped out to meet up with the crew at -- interestingly enough -- BDs. This was another reason for me to not go... since we had BDs for dinner on Saturday night, and I'd had leftovers for lunch today and the plan is to have dinner there tomorrow (Sara requested we come keep her entertained, since she magines she's going to be a very bored waitress on Memorial Day) I didn't think having dinner there tonight would be advisable. I love the restaurant, I could eat their food almost all week, but I did want to vary my diet a little.

While my roommates were gone I walked over to CVS and picked up a few necessary items that I was lacking such as air freshener, 800 speed film, deoderant and the like. It was good to get out and stretch my legs, and CVS is so close I really don't feel the need to drive as long as the weather is nice. I retured to the apartment and spent some more time puttering around online. At 2230 I went idle and plugged in the guitar to do a little more practice. Tonight I moved beyond the arpeggios and the scales, and actually played a bassline that might qualify as rock-and-roll. It was nice to see some actual forward progress, and to see the money I spent on the book wasn't a complete waste.

Hallelujah, I can be taught!

I did realize that I need further work on stretching my fingers on my left hand, and I definately need to devise some exercises to build up the muscles in my fingers since I'm still not able to press down on the frets quite as hard as I need to. I have also decided I really need to look at the community colleges and see if I can get into a music theory class -- it's one thing to read bass tabs, and I might even be able to read the notes off the sheet music in another week or to and know what notes they correspond to on my guitar. That's not helping me, though, understand what the notes actually mean, and I'm having a hell of a time understanding the pacing of certain pieces of music. If there's one failing the book has it's not explaining enough, instead it defers to the bass tabs since that's supposedly all the player needs to know how to read. While I suppose this is technically true you still can't get a feel for the composition as a whole if you can't determine something as simple as tempo from the music.

Other than that, the day was quiet, and I'm thankful for that at least. Before I got to work on this entry I chatted some with hightensile and then took a shower, as has become my evening ritual. Tomorrow I will clean Ra's litter box and comtemplate the situation with my pickup's exhaust system. I will also try to call my parents to see if I can get some more news on Priscilla's situation, and to wish my grandfather a happy birthday. I'd like to do laundry, but Kestral informs me that the washing machine is still broken so I guess that will have to wait a while longer. I'm not in dire need of clean laundry quite yet, but the closet is getting a little low on supplies.

Rock me Amadeus

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