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No real update tonight...

... because my wrists hurt far too much to write the way I want to. Hopefully I'll have sufficient chance to rest them tonight that they won't ache in the morning, and I can write then. If this keeps up I predict another visit to the doctor, and likely another prescription-strength anti-inflammatories. Yay for 500mg of Aleve at a shot! It's a small wonder my liver and my kidneys haven't failed on me already.

For the purpose of a brief update: my day overall was a good one. My manager was out sick today, which had the overall effect of reducing the time we spent doing stupid things. Case in point: our staff meeting was concluded in fifteen minutes and I didn't have to listen to anybody whine. I wasn't pestered about inconsequential, overdue helpdesk tickets. I didn't have to justify why I breath oxygen instead of generate it.... you get the general gist by this point, I'm sure.

I continue to train my coworker in a vain attempt to have somebody to offload some of my firewall duties onto. I can't say much for BB in way of praise, so I won't say anything at all except that he's very good at coming to me for approval of any actions he might take. He may botch his implementation of what I approved, but at least he asks me if what he's about to undertake is the right thing.

While I had very little else to do during the day I did get to chat online quite a bit, and was pleased to have some very nice company throughout the day. It certainly helped keep me in good spirits. I also saw RB a bit online today, but that's going to take quite a bit more time and effort to write about than I can put in right now because of the tingling in my fingers.

Plans for tomorrow: Clean my bedroom (I'm so domestic!) and take the truck to the mechanic. At the minimum I need the oil changed since I'm 2,000 miles over. If I'm lucky we'll be able to work out why the truck has been running borderline on overheating for the last two weeks. In the mean time there's very little I can do about the problem except hope the commute to and from work isn't warping the heads. If it is, I may well be in for a world of hurt. The new truck cannot get repaired and handed over (or sold, whatever the case may be) to me fast enough with the current trend my F-150 is following. It's like the pickup knows it's got 180,000 miles on it and that it's over ten years old. Are pickups like elephants? Do they know they're dying, and migrate to some secret place in the forest to keep over and die at? It sure seems like my current truck is doing something like that. The good news is that everything has gone through, the title has been transfered and the Expedition is awaiting a lift to my parents' house. From what Mom told me on the phone last night Dad will be picking it up sometime this weekend... but that's only if he can locate a trailer to load it onto since he hasn't gotten a flatbed wrecker yet ('m actually surprised at this). Overall I have good feelings about the new truck and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that's for sure! I really, really hope that it'll be an easy fix. I know that it won't, but I can hope can't I?

The downer of the truck situation is that I'm missing out on hakeber's BBQ in Madison because of this problem. I think with this abscence I'm brought to a grand total of six or so appearances that I owe the Madison crowd. Undoubtedly hightensile, krag_carbine and kristenq would be more than happy to see me make good on even one those promised visits, but the fates do seem to just be against me right now when it comes to travelling to Wisconsin. I really would like to make good on the promise to visit and stay over (mini-vacation!) because I haven't seen them in ages. I also admit I'm further motivated to go to Madison because I want to go to Prime Quarter for grill-it-yourself steak!

Since my wrists are bothering me so much I won't be practicing the guitar tonight, either. I'll have to make up for that on Saturday as well, if I don't want to start backsliding on all the work I'm doing. The good news is it's a three-day weekend for me, so I'll be able to enjoy Monday off. I really am looking forward to the quiet, in some ways.

Only if you want to will you find a way

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