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So ConFurence melted down....

... or at least that's what I'm lead to believe by reading things like this and the announcement here. But it's not the spectacular way that ConFurence melted down that's catching my attention. No, I'm finding things like this, this and this far more interesting to watch. These people are turning themselves inside out over events that happened at a con they did not attend, that is known not to be returning next year and was so sparsely attended it barely even registered on the face of the fandom at all. And let's face it kids, it's not like this is the first time this sort of bad luck has befallen the fandom! Granted, the method of delivery was a rude shock, but give me a break.. the wailing and gnashing of teeth that this is generating is completely out of proportion. Keep in mind I'm only thus far talking about the stuff I'm finding on LiveJournal... I can only imagine the furious bout of angst that must be flying about completely unchecked on alt.fan.furry. These people are absolutely astounding... they'll rest about on their laurels, watching any and everything go on around them. They never have any advice to give, they never contribute, they only sit around and stare at their own navel lint because they "don't want to get involved." Yet the second the press gets involved they're whipped into a foaming, rabid core of action-oriented fans who have all the answers to the world's woes. Usually their list of so-called "Solutions" calls for barbequing whomever it is they think is most directly responsible for their current media disaster, and it usually ends with some particularly insightful chap trumpeting that the fandom will never escape persecution and the real solution is to just "kill the mundanes for daring to make fun of us!" Seriously, step back and look at this for a minute, people. This is quality entertainment on par with throwing a piece of squid between two hungry seagulls so that they start scrapping over who gets to eat the prize. I don't have to watch the segment on the Man Show to get an idea of how screwed up things are in this fandom. Hell, I can skip all their fake lines and scripted "incidents," because the real show is right in front of me: I just have to watch the fandom's participants as they tear themselves apart at the seams with rage. It's the same thing every time this happens -- outrage, outcry, frothing undirected anger... but never a lick of intelligent action.

Do you want to know why I'm finding this so amusing? Well, to borrow from Road to Perdition: It's all so fucking hysterical.

Come on, people. This isn't the first time, it isn't the last time, and it sure as hell isn't the end of the world. Furry Is Just A Goddamn Hobby. Now get ahold of yourselves, stop weeping in the corner and move on with your life. Or end it. I really don't care anymore, so long as you take some sort of responsibility for your own actions and then ACT.

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