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Picture it, if you will...

I've put the pictures of the snow from this morning up on my gallery. You can access it by going to http://feren.black-panther.us/gallery/snow/ and poking around. There's one or two good shots and a lot of lousy ones that tend to be rather repetitive, but that's how you learn to deal with a camera. I'm still learning to deal with this digital bugger, and I was reminded of that today when I discovered how to activate the digital zoom. I was completely surprised by finding that feature, I had completely forgotten the stupid thing came with digital zoom.

I am immensely pleased with one and only one photo from the entire batch, and that is the picture I took on a total lark on my way out of the office. I came outside, discovered I still had the camera in my pocket and started looking around for something to shoot. Since I didn't see anything else that was interesting in the building's parking lot I approached one of the ice-glazed trees and saw a knob sticking out. Suddenly I was hit with the desire to take a photo of that knot, complete with the ice coating it. When I found out that regular mode just wasn't going to hack it I switched the camera over to Macro mode, something I've only experimented with fleetingly in the past. That picture is the result. I'm incredibly glad that I brought the camera along, just because I got that one photo out of the deal.

My drive home saw a number of other photo opportunities, with snow-encrusted evergreens and brambles along the shoulder of I-290. Unfortunately with the construction there is no shoulder for me to pull over onto, so I had to pass by without taking any photos. I'm a little disappointed by this development because the way the snow was clinging to those trees it looked like it was confectioner's sugar that had been lovingly sifted onto the branches.

Such is life, I suppose. Perhaps next winter I'll have a newer, better camera to take the pictures with and will get some even better photographs to share.

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