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Tonight I updated my server to the latest version of Sendmail, and while I was at it turned on the NJABL real-time black hole to help stop spammers from reaching the users on my system.

I'm impressed with the results thus far, it's bounced five incoming messages because they were coming from open relays -- exactly what I've been trying to block for the last three months with little to no success. Spammers keep finding these forgotten/mismanaged/misconfigured proxies and exploiting them to hide their junk-mail's true origins. I couldn't keep up with it all, but the NJABL does a pretty decent job of getting new offenders listed and repaired offenders removed.

Suck on that, you sodding fatherless spammers! It just got a little more difficult for you to irritate my users!

I would write up a more interesting and detailed account of my day, but it's 12:30 in the morning and I should be curled up in bed with Ra at my feet and some nice heavy blankets keeping the both of us warm. I'm not entirely sure why I'm still awake, this isn't very much like me. Hopefully I can get a few hours of sleep squeezed in before I have to drive to work. If I spend the day wandering the office in a haze I'm going to be in very deep trouble...

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