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No entry today...

I'm very tired and will be heading to bed soon after I click on "post." Work was work for the most part although I did have a few interesting developments today. Currently I'm involved with what amounts to a pissing contest with one of our vendors, and I'd dearly love to see them be kicked to the curb. I'm not sure when it became fashionable for my employer to allow contractors to walk all over us but the trend has quickly eroded into oblivion what little tolerance I have left for political games. The big problem has gotten an interesting monkey wrench thrown into it today thanks to upper management, and more importantly I don't know exactly where that leaves me with regards to the work I'm supposed to be doing. I guess I'll just follow my current set of marching orders and leave the rest to the people who get paid to make decisions (I only get paid to make sure the bits get from point A to point B). The conference call I had with regards to the project lasted for about two hours but ultimately it met with success as they were able to work past the problems at hand and successfully perform the test phase I had designed for them. That makes me a little bit happier about the whole mess, at least.

I did BD's for dinner tonight with enveri while roho was at his weekly D&D session, and it was very good. I had super-spicey steak with peppers, onions and broccoli. We talked on the drive up, during dinner and on the drive home. It's good to have roommates who are willing and able to engage in converstations on such a wide range of topics. I think the worst part about living with my old roommates was that trying to start a conversation with them was a lot like hitting myself in the forehead with a ballpeen hammer. It was difficult and unpleasant, and the end result was wholly unsatisfying.

I miss Minnesota. I wonder what happened to all the friends I left behind in 1996.

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