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Tuesday thoughts...

Not much to write about tonight, really. I got up this morning when my alarm went off, on time for once. I think the steady increase of daylight in the mornings is helping me feel more awake when the time comes for me to pry myself out of bed. I just hope that this summer I won't suffer from the early waking insomnia I was afflicted with last year. Since I have a North and a West-facing window in my bedroom (as opposed to the window in my old bedroom with the South-Southeast exposure) I think it'll be less of a problem since the sun won't be able to stream in and wake me up at 5:45 in the morning. At least that's what I keep telling myself... time will ultimately tell on this matter.

I got up and did a quick bit of work on my server. One of the code-wizards for the IRC network I'm a part of (WTnet for those of you just joining us) had finally managed to rip all the identd crap out of the IRC server we use. By implementing this new version I would finally be able to get rid of the 90-some-second wait while ident tried to connect back to my computer (impossible since I'm on a NAT'd PPoE DSL line) before letting me log in to the server. I thought I was smart and fought through all the compiling on Monday night to make sure the binary was ready. Get up in the morning, down the server, copy the binary to backup, bring the new binary in, start it up and away we go, right?


I encountered a cryptic error that the unlimit core size was failing and the process refused to start. No process, no IRC server. No IRC server, no happiness for me while I try to figure the problem out. Eventually, after wasting all the time I should have used to shower, brush and shave this morning... eventually I found the solution to my problem after 35 minutes of frantic searching on Google. Amazingly enough I taught myself to read just enough Russian to be able to extract the information from a page I found. The fix worked too, and after 23 more minutes of downtime than I had originally planned I had the IRC daemon up and going again, and the server linked back into the network. Yeah, I didn't get my shower in, but I did a huge service for my user community by ridding them of the horrid 90-second wait. That makes me happy and set the tone for my day because I felt that I'd been successful at something that actually made a difference.

The drive in to work was awesome. I had my windows down and just let the breeze blow through... it had to be 50+ degrees F at 7:15 in the morning, with the sun shining down. It was a wonderful day to be outside. Sometimes I think it's an absolute crime I work in the computer field. If I'd stayed on the farm I could be out and enjoying this weather all the time, instead of hoping to catch snippets of it before and after my commute.

When I got to the office the lobby was full of music. I don't exaggerate! The Glen Elyn children's choir was doing fund raising in the lobby of the office, with kids all around trying to sell raffle tickets to the people walking into the building. When I was in elementary school (sometime around the 4th grade) I was in choir, and I have fond memories of singing on a riser with two dozen other kids, and how good we sounded. Listening to the CD of these kids sing stirred a lot of memories for me, and I had a few spare dollars in my wallet this week so I bought a ticket. I don't imagine I have the faintest chance of winning, and I didn't put in for the big prizes (A trip to the Caribbean, a new Dell laptop, etc). I put in for the very bottom prize. What was it? Well, it doesn't matter. If I win I'll be sure to share what it was... but I don't think it's really important. I never win contests like that, and it's more important that I was helping to buy these kids supplies and airfare to the various competitions they participate in throughout the country.

Work went all right... I've gotten a yellow flag on the big nasty high-profile project I was slapped with last week. Yeah, the one that was rush-rush-rushed and then red-flagged on Thursday because proper channels weren't being followed. I'm back on it now, for better or worse, and still have my original deadline to meet on deliverables. This will be fun, since it seems like the people I'm dealing with are not exactly the sharpest knives on the butcher block. Hopefully their tech-savvy guys are indeed as tech-savvy as they make themselves out to be and we can put this thing to rest before my drop-dead date.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully for the most part. I worked on SNMP issues, closed a few helpdesk tickets, tried to troubleshoot XDMCP since the DBAs just cannot wrap their head around my explanation of why it wasn't working between IP networks (They insist there's a problem, so I had to do troubleshooting to try to prove them wrong). Lunch consisted of a small plate of salad, a piece of turkey breast, a slice of pastrami, a slice of roast beef and a slice of cheddar. It wasn't filling, but it was damn tasty. Eventually I was allowed to go home, having done my time in Purgatory for the day.

When I got home I sat down, drank a Diet Coke and watched the first episode of The Simpsons for the evening. Once that was over I took down the treadmill, changed into my exercise clothes and strapped on my tennis shoes. 30 minutes later I staggered off the belt and sat down to catch the tail-end of the second showing of The Simpsons, then made my way into the bathroom for a cool, refreshing shower. There's nothing quite as refreshing as cold water spilling over your body and taking your breath away when you're hot, sweaty and tired. I don't know that it's on the top five things I count as guilty pleasures (lounging in a large tub full of hot water with the lights off, candles lit and music in the background does, however) but it certain did feel good.

roho, enveri and I watched another one of my DVDs tonight. Our selection for the evening was Road to Perdition. I cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed that movie. Tom Hanks did a great job of acting in the film, and the movie's subject matter itself was well architected, with several very powerful moments where you have no choice but to connect utterly with the character on the screen. Kes was very kind and cooked dinner for me again tonight. I think since she was trying something new with an old recipe she wanted a second opinion on the food, and I told her exactly what I thought: it was EXCELLENT. Red bell peppers grilled until they were good and singed on the outside, with pepperoni layered inside and then smothered in mozzarella cheese was what she made, and the pepperoni really lent a zing to the taste. I'm lucky to have somebody willing to cook for me, and I feel really guilty that I'm not returning the favor. Unfortunately most of my specialties don't fall within the realm of the diet so it's not something I'll get to do for some time unless I learn some Atkins-friendly recipes. I think that would be a good thing for me to do regardless. I'd like to surprise Kes one of these days with a dinner as a thank-you for all the cooking she's done for me.

Tomorrow it's back to work, where I will try to play beat-the-clock with the Big Deadline. Then in the evening it'll be just Kes and I since Roho will be attending his weekly D&D campaign. I suspect neither Kes nor I will be in the mood to cook or stay around the apartment all evening so we'll probably go up to BD's once again during the week. Hopefully we won't forget the coupon this time...

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