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Ladies, I doth officially suck.

In chatting with chebutykin tonight I was pointed at a URL that left me a little amused as well as perplexed. If you go to this link you'll see what I'm referring to.

Yeah, it's a very pretty thing, especially in the picture. I'm sure it's positively awesome in black or purple satin, and with the right person wearing it I'm sure I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off it either. That's not really that surprising, I suppose. I'm a fairly typical male, and as such I respond to most of the things guys respond to. Eye candy like that on the right person would probably fall into that category without too much effort.

What did surprise me was the reaction that URL generated when I shared it. For those of you just joining us, I'll give you some back story: I'm the site administrator for a Pern-themed MUSH, meaning I give it a home on one of my servers, provide rudimentary tech support, web space and a decent pipeline to the Internet. As such I hold an official position as a member on the Wizcorps, and have access to the staff communication channel. The Pern fandom is an interesting case, in some ways it shares a striking similarity to the Furry fandom. It's predominantly populated by teens, but where Furry is a decidedly male-biased fandom the Pern fandom is mostly female-biased. It's just as susceptible to petty bickering and infighting, and in some ways it's starting to stagnate because the group think has caused unique ideas to become largely unfavorable. But I digress.... the main point I'm driving at here is that most of the Pern fan base (at least the part of it that plays on these online games) is female. I'm the only male on staff, and probably one of a handful of men who connect to the game at all. I shared the URL above with a friend of mine on the game as well as on the staff channel, and I was mystified by the results. My friend reported that everyone she shared the link with "Oooooh" and "awwwwwed" over it, and would happily wear one like that. A few people on the staff channel echoed the sentiment that they'd wear one for "good reason."

Needless to say I was a little surprised by this, I never imagined that so many women would be interested in such a thing. I guess I had a preconception in my head that women don't really care for wearing accessories like that. Now I know that's not true, what with different strokes for different folks and that whole thing. I can certainly see how it would appeal to some people, especially if it complimented their figure. I mean, what if I were to reverse the situation? For instance, I like wearing expensive suits. Why? I imagine it is because when I buy a nice suit and have it properly tailored it looks good on me when I wear it -- and by extension I feel good about myself. So this really shouldn't be any different, yet it keeps making me pause and scratch my head. I guess I keep coming back to how uncomfortable it must be, constricting the waist, pushing and prodding. Yes, there's elegance and a curvy figure to be gained from it, but how much is somebody willing to suffer through for that?

I guess the answer that maybe they're not suffering any discomfort at all never occurred to me.

I suppose with this kind of thinking it's no surprise I'm single.

The feeling is intense

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