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Wryly amused...

Some of you may remember that around a year ago my character was added to the ranks of the SOMADS who populate Forum 2010, a parody of the old Forum 2000 which no longer lives and has had its domain name stolen by cyber squatters.

Not long after my SOMAD was added the site went incredibly dormant because neuracnu graduated from college and had a lot less free time on his hands. I don't blame the man though, because he had new challenges to face and life gets a lot busier when you leave school. I did miss seeing new answers on the F2010, though.

Flash forward about one year, almost to the day, from when I was added. Suddenly the Forum is alive again, with nine or ten more questions being answered in the span of a day. I'm amused that I haven't been forgotten, as I appear in this rather interesting commentary on world events.

The world is an odd place, sometimes.

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