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Recap of Monday's events...

Today was a relatively uninteresting day, and in a way I'm sort of thankful for it. My drive in was quiet and filled with a lot of thoughts about the nightmare I'd had earlier in the morning. The whole day had a sort of surreal vibe as it all around the highways there was a soft white mist clinging to the ditches and valleys that the freeway progresses through. The traffic was lighter than I was really expecting, especially for a Monday. Perhaps everyone was waiting to drive in to Chicago so they could celebrate St. Patrick's Day... or maybe they've just finally found alternate routes in to work to avoid the construction I have to slog through day in and day out during my drive. I certainly won't complain if that's the case, because I'm more than happy to see the roads with a little more space on them in the morning. I hate having some rich yuppy in his $65,000 luxury car riding the back of my pickup as if that's somehow going to make me go faster when there's absolutely no space in front of me as it is.

Work was slow and annoying. Somebody decided that Krispy Kreme donuts were the "perfect way to celebrate St. Patty's Day." Hunh?!? These weren't green-glazed or anything... they were normal Krispy Kreme donuts. I'm sorry, while Krispy Kremes can be good they are nowhere near good enough for me to fall down and worship them the way some people seem to. I've had better donuts at the local bakery, to be honest. The way I see it Krispy Kreme is just another Dunkin Donuts, but they let you eat their donuts fresh from the fry vats in the mornings if you get there early enough. Big deal.

I handled one or two tickets, chewed on Hewlett Packard for pulling a bait-and-switch on me with regards to the pricing on our support agreement, and puttered a little with getting some OpenView work done so I could at least claim a little productivity during the day. For lunch I had some of Kestral's very tasty blackened chicken, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, hot sauce, and a few pieces of green pepper. Man, did that hit the spot!

After lunch I went outside to hang out with Charles, one of my coworkers. I just wanted to bask in the gorgeous weather we've been having. The breeze was so faint you could hardly feel it. The first day of spring? Heck no, this felt like a day in mid-April, except with less green foliage and no rain. I can take another few weeks of this without complaint.

The rest of the day was passed chatting online (I'm bad), working a little more on OpenView, handling another problem or two in the help desk queue and just occupying space in front of my desk. I mentioned earlier that I got my ordered placed with IMAK, so now I just have to hope they ship it soon... my wrists could really stand the benefit I'm told I'll see from using them consistently.

I was out the door promptly at 4:00 PM, as I have been for the last few weeks. It's nice that I have coworkers to pick up some of the load I used to carry -- it means I can get out of the office on time. Driving home from work was equally surprising in that again the traffic wasn't all that thick, and I was back at sometime around 4:38, meaning I did a pretty decent clip up the highway once I got past the work zone.

I cuddled with Ra for a few minutes after I came into the apartment, reassuring him that I do in fact love him and missed him too. He's back to his old self in terms of routine with people coming home... when he hears the door open he's right there, and if it's somebody he likes he just sort of spontaneously falls over on his side -- his way of begging you to pet him. I stayed in the apartment until 6:40 PM or so, when I left with slacks, shirts and my heavy black jacket. I made my way to the dry cleaner to have the clothing attended to, and then stopped over at the hair cuttery that's right across the street from the apartment complex. $15 ($12 plus my tip to the stylist) and 20-some minutes later I have my hair looking respectable again. So I can cross those two items off my to-do list and feel a little better about it.

I spent an hour or two fighting with my old Samsung digital camera. I've got it speaking to XP now, and I've pulled some pictures out of the Compact Flash card and into Photoshop for manipulation and repair. Some of the pictures don't look too bad, and the rest of them are simply horrible. I think that the problem is the auto focus mechanism on the camera -- it reacts poorly to different light conditions and just isn't that great overall. It's also only a 2.1 Megapixel camera, so that probably contributes in some small way to the resulting image quality.

I changed my Livejournal's format tonight. It was due for a change. Eventually I'll learn how to write a style, and then I can combine some of the traits of my favorite layout formats and make it into my own. For now I'm content with the Generator style.

The Lake, it is said, never gives up her dead

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