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You know, Fer, sloth *is* one of the seven deadly sins...

It's 2148 and I've accomplished only a few things since I put up my list of things to do. I did not call Heather or Don, nor did I write to Cosmic Cos. I also didn't get to ordering the IMAK Smart Gloves that I so desperately need for my carpal tunnel-afflicted wrists. When I went to order from their website I made a most unpleasant discovery. It seems they have a sizing guide that's based on measuring your hand with a ruler. I have to measure my hand in inches and then order the size that's in their chart for the range I fall under. Unfortunately their directions for sizing are a little vague. For example, where exactly do I "measure across the knuckles? Their arrow points off at... nothing! It's pointing at white space! I wouldn't worry about this, but these things are really bloody expensive, and if I get something that's too large or too small it's not going to do me a lot of good. I also didn't have a ruler handy at work, so that put a stop to any guessing, anyway.

So tomorrow I will bring a ruler to work, and then I will get on the phone with a customer service rep and find out exactly where I should be measuring, and I'll put in my order for a pair of these gloves. I'm also considering ordering a pair of their splints to wear at night as well. The splints I originally bought when I was diagnosed have just not been hacking it. They're uncomfortable, they're ugly, they don't fit right and I end up waking in the middle of the night aching more and having to tear them off. The Pil-O-Splint looks like a far better solution... even if I do look odd sleeping with them on. I just can't wait until I have an itch and end up walloping myself in the head with one of these things. I don't think the pillow will save me then. Hopefully I won't break my nose. Again.

What I did accomplish tonight, though, was a trip to Sam's Club. While I was there I picked up a 40 pound tub of cat litter, some boneless chicken breast fillets, a vegetable medley for snacking on while on the diet (consisting of baby carrots, cauliflower and broccoli), a big ass block of sharp cheddar cheese, a 24 pack of caffeine free Diet Coke, a 36-count pack of water (I'm going through water like a fiend these days. I had no idea how much soda I was actually drinking) and six DVDs. The DVD selection at Sam's Club can vary widely. Sometimes it'll be quite large and well-stocked, other times it's really small and poor. I did find a few goodies at decent prices. I picked up the 2-disc release of Minority Report, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Caddyshack, Signs, The Road To Perdition, Three Kings and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. The prices ranged from $14 to $19, depending upon the edition I bought and how old the movie was. The one mistake I made was purchasing the full screen edition of Road To Perdition as opposed to the wide screen edition. I'm hoping that the store has some in stock and I can just take the unopened DVD case with me, along with a receipt, and perform an exchange. If they don't have the wide screen edition then hopefully they'll let me trade for something else. I just don't know what else they've got that I want. They had Friday, but I'm not really that worried about picking it up at this point. Maybe when it hits $9 instead of the $14 it's at right now. But I'll deal with that bridge when I get to it this weekend. Tonight I sat in front of the TV and munched on carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and slices of cheese while I watched Caddyshack. The movie shows its age, and the print they made the DVD from had some damage to it... but the film itself is still a classic. Chevy Chase plays the eccentric millionaire very well, and Rodney Dangerfield.... well, let's just say he's Rodney, and leave it at that.

enveri just did me the coolest favor: she cooked lunch for me! She took one of the chicken breasts I bought today, turned it into a fillet, spiced it up good and blackened it in the frying pan. Then shy stir-fried some onions and red peppers and put the whole concoction in a Tupperware bowl for me to take to work tomorrow. A little cheese and a little Tabasco sauce and this will be one mighty tasty meal tomorrow. That wasn't the only favor she did, though.

Let me give you a little back story -- you see, we have a white board hanging on the wall next to the door and the coat closet, and we use it for a number of different purposes. The primary purpose for it is to put up a little "To Do" list so we can keep track of chores to be done or work orders with the complex office that are still outstanding. We also use it to leave messages for one another so we can stay in contact via an analog method should our normal digital method of communicating take a dive. The white board in question also ends up serving a third purpose, though: it's a place for little "in jokes" to reside. For example, after one of Cailet's misadventures there suddenly appeared under the To Do list two new items. "Flush Ra" and "Flush Cailet -- DONE!" Along with those two items was a picture of a toilet and two dripping wet paws and a tail poking out form beneath the lid. So you can see we treat it pretty informally and just goof off a lot with it. Well, now I've got to break out my digital camera so I can try to get a good grab of what's currently occupying about 1/4 of the board. It seems somebody in the household took it upon herself to draw me snuggled in with a certain somebody else under a blanket. It's just a quick sketch, but it's awesomely cute, especially because of the wide contented smiles on the faces of both characters. This has to be preserved and shared.

The world was moving and she was right there with it

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