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Random observations..

These are nothing spectacular, they're just a few things I've noticed today as I desperately try to be productive without really feeling like doing any real work...
  • My wrists hurt more at the office than they do at home.
  • The button has fallen off the second-from-bottom spot on my shirt, leaving me looking just a little off-kilter. Foo, now I have to try to find a button that matches the rest of them.
  • I need to get a haircut.
  • I've answered my phone three times today, instead of sending them to voicemail right away. I must be playing with my prey.
  • Some users don't deserve to have their problems fixed, especially when they don't respond to my inquiries about the status of the issue when I've asked them to do something.
  • People in my office are rude to an extreme that I thought only arrogant white trash teenagers could achieve. It isn't bad enough that these people lack the courtesy to brew a new pot of coffee when they drain the old one dry for their cup... not only do they do that, but they also push my Brita water pitcher to the back of the refrigerator so they can shove their lunch bags in front. I use that pitcher six or seven times a day, they only get their lunch bags out once. They could show some common sense and put their bags behind the pitcher so that I don't have to spend ten minutes reorganizing the fridge in an attempt to locate my water. I really wish we could get a second refrigerator in here... having over 50 people sharing one fridge is just not working out.
  • I need to get ahold of my old friend Heather, and see how she's doing. The last time I spoke to her she was getting ready for her honeymoon.
  • I need to get ahold of Don, a mutual friend of Heather and I. I worry about him, and I miss hanging out with him and shooting the breeze while working on cars and partaking of fine alcoholic beverages.
  • I need to write an e-mail to my friend Cosmic Cos, because I haven't interacted with him in well over a year. I wonder if he wants to do dinner sometime. I think my friends should meet him.
  • I want a Lucent 6408D+ for my desk.
  • Some of my coworkers need to learn that you dab perfume or cologne on. You do not marinade yourself in it!
  • I need to get back to using my camera.
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