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Not a great deal to report today...

Last night was fairly quiet once I'd gotten home. Ra gave me a warm reception by vomiting on the carpet in the living room, which required that I dive in and locate a paper towel or two so I could clean up the mess. I finished watching the episodes of the Osbournes that I hadn't seen yet, and played about some with the DVD's special features menu. I'm pleased to say it seems like they put a little thought into the bonus material for these discs, although I do find the menu system a little bit frustrating to navigate through because of how long they can take. But I only paid $14 at Sam's Club for the two-disc set, so overall it was a steal. There's certainly some funny stuff in there.

I made a light dinner for myself of cheddar cheese with turkey breast and proceeded to indulge in my usual evening routine of watching some TV (The Simpsons) and relaxing in my room. I spend a little too much time in front of my computer, but it's where my MP3 collection is so I guess that's partly to blame. As an added benefit I had the privilege of listening in as roho spent a little time on the piano, playing a few different selections to try and get himself back in practice. I was pleased by this occurrence and offered him a bribe if he plays more often. I've missed listening to him play for a number of reasons.... first, he's quite good when he's shaken the dust off his skill set. Secondly, listening to him play takes me back to the late 90s when so many of us would hang out on FurryMuck and chat. While we were chatting we would abuse his apartment's ISDN line by setting our Winamp clients to his server and listening to him tickle the ivory after he got back from class or a few hours at work. I remember quite fondly sitting on the eleventh floor of my office building, in a huge room with nobody else around me, the piano music flowing out of my PC's speakers. Having what amounts to your own private piano concert is hard to beat.

The Circle, where I spend a lot of my time on FurryMuck, was absolutely hopping last night. I couldn't believe the number of people who were present! Along with the regulars were some of their friends, whom they had invited to visit. It made for an interesting night to say the least. What further added to the chaos was Koz when presented me with another embarrassing illustration of Feren. I'll let the image's description tell the story, it's too embarrassing for me to recount here. The worst part is that when it was brought to my attention in the morning I remembered absolutely nothing of it! I have never in my memory been so drunk that I didn't actually remember in the morning something that I had said or done the night previous.

I went to bed late last night, or rather, this morning. I'd stayed up talking to friends and sharing company, and then passed another few hours sort of drifting in and out of consciousness on my bed while the MP3s continued to play. I've got quite an extensive and eclectic collection going these days, and I'm proud to say the it keeps getting larger and more varied with each new CD that I buy. kristenq and aynjel have both made significant contributions towards keeping it varied with the presents they've given me for Christmas. I shall have to build upon their work. My friend Poe has also made numerous suggestions, so I'm going to have to get in gear and follow up on some of those.

When I did finally get to bed I slept fairly well, until about 5:21 AM. That's when my senses awoke me and gave me warning that something bad was in the process of happening. I lay still for a moment and then heard the familiar sound of Ra gagging, gagging, gagging and then finally sicking up whatever was left in his stomach. I just sighed and rolled over, because I was not about to get out of bed when I'd had that little sleep and go staggering around my bedroom looking for a fresh pile of cat vomit. No, I just wasn't going to do it. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. When my alarm went off an hour later I looked blearily at it, cursed the general existence of General Electrics and slapped the snooze button. That was to become a familiar behavior for the next hour and a half. I don't think I really woke up until sometime around 7:45, give or take a few minutes. The scary part is I don't remember hitting the snooze bar more than two or three times, and the snooze only lasts for 9 minutes a pop. That tells me I had hit the snooze bar a few times in my sleep, which is sort of unnerving to think about. That's one step away from sleepwalking there... and with Ra's little "gift" from earlier in the morning sleepwalking could have become a very disgusting experience.

I got to work in a reasonable amount of time, settled in and started working on on-call schedules. I have everyone entered into the OpenView module but for two people, and that's because I'm not sure how adding one individual to the system will impact the entry work for the second person -- he works for two different "teams" and so his on-call schedule is simply a nightmare to try to figure out when you're a conscious, thinking human being. I'm not sure how to break it down into something a simple program is going to be able to interpret. While I was at work I had the pleasure of chatting more with my friends on FurryMuck, which always helps make my day go faster. It also was interesting to note that one of the HVAC units ruptured a main in the data center and spilled a number of gallons of water onto our data center floor. Later in the afternoon when I was out there to help rack and set up the networking environment for a new server I got to take in some of the damage. I didn't know "fresh water" could be so revolting and leave such disturbing silt deposits behind. Our senior Solaris administrator was less than pleased that the water had made its way under his server farm of very expensive servers. I had a cold shiver run up my spine, because when those units were selected I raised concerns that they were too cheap to be reliable... and I've been proven right time and time again when these things spontaneously crap half their innards onto the floor and require a call to the service company. Let me state for the record that I told them by "saving" the $30,000 or so per unit (as compared to buying a NOT CRAPPY unit) we'd end up paying for our savings. And we have, time and time again. Bwahaha. It's good to be right.

I departed the office promptly at 4:00 PM as I do every day, drove home and tentatively opened the door. I'm not sure what I was afraid of, but I guess I had these terrible mental images of Ra passed out on the floor, dehydrated and surrounded by little piles of harf. Fortunately that wasn't the case, so I'm lead to believe that Ra's illness is in fact not a replace and was probably related to the fact he got into some of Cailet's food a couple of days ago. Hopefully it's all worked out of his system now.

Dinner was more cheese and turkey breast. I've got to get some other foods to help vary my regimen a little, or I'm going to go stark raving mad. I love cheese, and sliced turkey breast in the deli style isn't too bad (I prefer turkey right from the bird, like at Thanksgiving in all honesty), but I need a little more variety than this. At least I discovered that the cafe in the office building is selling a breakfast buffet in the mornings, so I can get scrambled eggs with pepper and hot sauce for breakfast when I come in each day. I partook in some this morning when I came in, and I didn't feel queasy or ill afterwards. That was a nice change of pace from not eating anything at all for breakfast because of how it made me feel. For the last 10 years I've pretty much skipped breakfast as a rule because I'd get an upset stomach or worse from eating before 10:00 AM. I blame my father's cooking at deer camp, and my horridly early hours during my time working for Holiday Sports as the point-of-sale coordinator. Fresh donuts at 3:45 in the morning is not something the human digestive tract is made to cope with.

The evening was spent chatting with friends on Furry. Again, nothing really remarkable there but it was pleasant and relaxing because of the company I was allowed to keep. I am really very lucky in that I'm friends with so many incredible people. They're generous, they're creative, they're intense and they're funny. All told I really couldn't picture my life without them... but in my daily life it's easy to get caught up in things that frustrate me or outright make me sad or angry. I guess that's the human condition, really, but the downside of that condition is that I tend to overlook the little things that can make my day brighter. As I said in my previous entry, that's something I'm going to have to work to fix... but the benefits will really be worth it, especially if I can manage to keep my chin up while doing so.

My left wrist is screaming bloody murder, even though I've been trying to be kind to it. Tomorrow I will buy some IMAK Smart Gloves in the hopes it will reduce the amount of injury I inflict upon myself, and the amount of pain I go through because of it. Time to cross my fingers... I hope they can do a rush delivery.

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