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Unusual few days...

What an interesting 72 hours it's been. You know that phrase, "Chinese interesting?" Yes, well that describes this week perfectly.

Tuesday night I was introduced to the world of Quake 3 by my coworkers Dave and Randy. While I've been aware of Quake 3, I never was quite into it. I'm still not sure that I really am into it, but I guess that will come with time. I got a chance to play against Randy on Tuesday night, and then later on Twan decided to join in and try to "even" the score up some -- although I'm not quite sure if that's really the case, but hey, why question somebody's motives in a first-person shooter if they only blow you up half as many times as they do the guy who was (previously) your opponent? Gift horse in the mouth, and all that.

Wednesday didn't seem like it was going to be all that interesting -- I went into a meeting or two, then had lunch with the guys as per the usual routine at the office. When we went outside for our after-meal smoke, however, we were sort of amused to find two standard-marked squad cars and an unmarked squad parked outside our office. This is, strangely enough, not that unusual a situation; in a 32-floor office building you get your share of medical emergencies, and with the bank in the lobby we tend to have other strangeness occur there as well. Most of the time it's due to our marketing department -- people down there tend to dial "911" more often than they should. It's gotten so bad in the last year that the squads that are dispatched to investigate aren't even running code anymore, they're arriving in no particular hurry and without their lightbars activated. So naturally we joked about "Oh, I guess they know I'm planning to go postal" and things like that.

It wasn't so funny twenty minutes later when one of our executive secretaries came rushing through the floor, pale as a ghost, telling everyone we must evacuate RIGHT NOW from the floor. No explanation, no forewarning, just get what you need to get home and go. It was rather unsettling because even though it might have been an unnanounced practice drill, this had the feeling of something far more urgent. So we all shuffled up two or three flights of stairs to the 9th and 10th floors, and there we sat, mostly sitting around, relaxed, chatting and mildly curious about what exactly the hubbub was about. It was after about ten minutes of this sitting around that word began to circulate we'd been evacuated because of a bomb threat. One story said there had been a phone call to our HR department (located on the same floor as IT, which I'm on) and the other story said that a suspicious package had been delivered with some sort of foreboding note from an ex-employee. Neither one of these surprised me, really, although I wasn't precisely calm at that point. About four minutes after that they herded everyone off the tenth floor and sent us home because "the police said it would take over two hours to clear the floor." Now I'm definately becomming paranoid. When we got to the ground floor we saw the same number of squads, a fire truck, a rescure unit and security people from the office building directing traffic and blocking off one side of the building entirely. Confirmation arrived that it was in fact a bomb scare of some sort or another from one of our facilities managers.


So I jumped in my truck and made a beeline for home -- only to run smack dab into a horrendous traffic jam that made me take about 45 minutes to move three miles. What a day! There'd been a wreck on I-94 that morning that dumped some sort of hazardous, exceedingly flammable material onto the highway, presenting such a danger they routed both directions of traffic up onto 294 and spent the rest of the day clearing the wreckage. Not that this particularly had any impact upon me, but it was just one of those sorts of things you remember at a later time when you look back on the day's events. Then, at the office, the bomb scare. Now, another accident. They say things come in threes (good and bad) and I guess there must be some truth in that, because there's your three notable events, all nicely rolled up into one package. Good grief.

Today was notable because we met with a computer vendor to try and finalize the purchase of a very large amount of equipment. I can't say who or how much money we're talking about at this point because of the Non-Disclosure Agreements we've signed in the last few months, and the fact that it could impact the performance of the stock for my company or the hardware manufacturer (People love to speculate on stocks when they hear about "big deals" going down -- it's a form of insider trading and frankly I don't have the balls to take on the Federal Trade Commission). Of course, nothing of REAL value managed to get accomplished in this meeting because upper management that we needed to attend the meeting, well, didn't. So naturally none of the truly important decisions could be made, and we ended up walking away with yet more questions to answer before we can start really signing off on purchase lists to make our budget from. This whole project is starting to annoy me -- it's moving with all the speed and grace of the Ice Age and its notable glaciers.

No word from the mechanic on the Camaro. I need to call him tomorrow and find out what the hell is going on with that fucking albatross.

My supervisor's vacation started today. I think the entire company can tell, because as soon as he left the building and officially went on vacation I got hit with two high-priority tickets and a medium, bringing me soundly back into the mid-twenties for tickets waiting in my queue to crush me. Christ, I feel like I can never dig myself out from under this, and that each one is a tiny Sword of Damocles dangling over my head, waiting to do irrepairable harm to me.

I sucked at Quake tonight. Paired with the fact that I was at work until about 7pm tonight, I ended up rapidly reaching my boiling point and deciding I better bail out before I punch the monitor. If I start getting so frustrated by a video game that I don't just curse good-naturedly when I get killed but I actually feel my stomach ball up, yes, I need to stop playing for the night.

Tomorrow marks the last day of my new manager's vacation. I wish he'd stay gone, things have been so much more peaceful and easygoing without him around, sending his two billion emails a day and having meetings every fifteen minutes to try and get status updates. He really doesn't understand what's going on, or what we talk about in these meetings, but he does it to try and compensate for his utter inability to really manage our group. He's in over his head and I think that he knows it. I also suspect that other managers alongside him and above him in the company are starting to realize it as well. We'll see how this goes, I guess.

This weekend I'm going up to Jen's with Twan, his GF, and Aureth for a dinner to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Yes, my birthday is coming up shortly. No, I'm not telling you. There are plenty of ways for you to find out, if you're feeling that industrious. I wouldn't recommend it, though, because I think it's a total waste of time.

I feel like I should be writing something else right now, but I'm just not coming up with anything. I think I'll go to bed shortly. Yes, this is a lot like when I'm depressed. I guess I am, I just have no idea why. Yay for chemical imbalances in the brain.

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