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Moving again in that not-moving sort of way...

I have mentioned in previous entries that sometimes I wonder if I had done something drastically evil in a previous life. I'm beginning to wish the universe had decided to punish me by making me a tent caterpillar, a sea cucumber or the like. Even being Carrot Top would be a more fitting punishment for these misdeeds!

Yesterday I was laboring for most of my waking hours under the strain of an immense headache that would have fallen under categorization as a migraine if it wasn't for the fact I could still differentiate colors for the most part. I spent my day sacked out on the couch, buried under a fleece blanket with my laptop sitting on my stomach and my cat sprawled across my ankles. I watched a few episodes of The Osbournes since I picked the DVD set up of Season One last week. It's an amusing romp, but I can only take three or so episodes at a time. Ozzy mutters and stutters so damn much with his accent that I have a hard time with my damaged hearing making out what he's saying. The solution is, of course, to run with the subtitles on, which I do most of the time. The problem with the subtitles is that they're annoying, they don't always do a very good job of keeping up with the pace of the show and sometimes they're different than what was actually said in an attempt to simplify and stay on the mark. All of this adds to my aggravation and I end up turning the subtitles off and then I get lost again so I find myself turning up the volume on the stereo system. It's this horrible, vicious cycle that can only end in fire.

I know that Roho and Kestral don't have the loss of hearing I have, so they're probably getting tired of hearing Ozzy yelling for Sharon in 5.1 surround sound. I attempt to spare them by keeping the number of episodes I watch straight through to a minimum, but yesterday left me in such lousy shape watching TV was about all I was in the mood to do. When I got about halfway through the first DVD I switched over to the TV and surfed around the various cable channels we have. It's amazing, 50+ channels and there's absolutely nothing of any quality to watch at that time of day on Sunday. Even Cartoon Network was showing crap. Fortunately I was able to stumble on Payback, which is a film I haven't seen in a very long time. It was nice to relax and catch a decent film, even if your head is pounding throughout the entire feature. Kestral made a lunch that was divine and tasty, and apparently pretty quick and easy to make. It was portions of chicken breast, blackened, served over noodles with a creamy sauce. Since I'm something of a spice fanatic the chicken was what caught most of my attention. It was very good, and the spices gave it a healthy zing that was hard to put down. I want to try my hand at making that, because it was really good. This isn't to say that the rest of the meal was lacking by any means, just that the chicken was what grabbed me directly by the tongue.

The evening was spent watching Dark City, a truly wonderful and twisted film I've only had the pleasure of viewing once before. There are so many elements that combine to make this movie the masterpiece that it is. There's great acting, excellent casting, wonderful cinematography, costumes, special effects and a unique plot. I love the fact that people can be dressed up to look like Cenobites and play equally menacing roles outside of the Hellraiser series. While we were watching the movie we were also gnawing on a take-out dinner from Portillo's, a Chicagoland restaurant chain known for tasty burgers, hot dogs and more. While we were waiting for our food to be ready I was bantering with the person running the "pick-up" side of the kitchen. He and I made a few jokes and poked fun at my seeming possessiveness over my bag of burger and fries. When he found out that neither Kestral nor Roho had ordered fries he demanded I give my carryout bag back to him, and I complied. He threw an additional large order of fries in, tucking it next to the one I had already ordered, then handed the bag back to me. The fellow (his name was Jon) chided me that I'd need them to share when everyone smelled how good my order of fries were. I found this both outrageous and cool at the same time. This guy just gave me an order of fries for free, and for no apparent reason. He didn't charge me, he was perfectly earnest in his effort and he did it all with a smile on his face because he was having fun shooting the breeze with me. That's what I call customer service, and I'm going to write in to the company's home office so that they know just how good of an employee they have working at that restaurant. People usually only write in to complain. I'm hoping that if I write in to compliment he'll get the recognition he deserves. People just... so few of them behave in such a way anymore, especially in the food service industry. For fast food you have to be personable, or you're going to drive your clients away. That's why I hate Burger King and their ilk, they only seem bent on hiring pimply-faced, sullen teenagers who spray cleaning solvents on your burgers and send you to the ER with a severe case of poisoning.

So yesterday it was a headache from hell that made me wonder what it was in the past life that I had done so wrong. Today... today it's something entirely different and even more frustrating. neowolf2 had been so kind as to offer his basement as a place for me to store my belongings during and after my move, as a way to save the cost of renting a storage locker and a way of just being a very cool friend. Today he got some very sad news, his mother-in-law has passed. This directly impacts me because there is a great deal of furniture in her household that Neo and his wife will be bringing in to store in the basement. You guessed it, my stuff is taking too much space and needs to be moved.


All right, I guess I need to run the math on this one. It took six people, over three pickup truck loads and a 27' Penske panel truck to move all my stuff into Neowolf's basement. This was an unpleasant experience in November with the cold and rain. It's now March, it's snowing frequently, temperatures are hovering around 12 degrees Fahrenheit this last week, and I've got nowhere to put this stuff. I'm not going to be able to get my friends to move all this stuff less than four months after they moved it the first time unless I can offer some sort of valuable cash prize to each of them at the end, because the last moved sucked and nobody will do this again willingly.

I have assurance from Neowolf that I've got at least two weeks until he needs the items vacated, possibly longer depending on what arrangements get made. That means I have about a week and a half to find a storage place, get a truck rented and find some burly men with strong backs I can get to lug all those heavy, awkward furniture items back up the stairs. Once they've done that, they can load it into the truck, and then unload the stuff from the truck and put it in storage for me too. Hell, I'm in for a penny, I might as well go for the whole pound, right?

Shit. I've got to figure out how I'm going to handle this curve ball. There are so many variables I need to solve right now, however. For example, where should I get a storage place? I could try to get something by Neowolf's house, which would make the trip easy, but wouldn't be terribly convenient for me to access. Do I rent another commercial truck again, or do I tell the movers to bring their own? How closely will I have to supervise them? Should I only hire them for the loading/unloading of the big items (couch, dresser, desk, etc) or should I have them do the whole shebang? How much extra will I pay for the services of these large strong men since it's the middle of winter?

Every fiber in me screams to procrastinate, to see what develops... but I just can't let that happen. Neowolf did me a favor by offering me that space, now he's calling that favor in because he has his own crisis to deal with. That's perfectly legitimate. If I procrastinate I'll just be showing him I'm ungrateful and rude, and that is definitely not the case. I appreciate him offering me his basement for storage, and the least I can do for repayment is extract my stuff quickly when he asks me to.

I've got a lot to think about tonight.

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