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I woke up this morning at 11:00 AM and was greeted by a headache that's bordering on achieving migraine status. I'm currently trying to put it down with diet Coke and aspirin in the hopes that'll do the job and save me having to get out any of the big guns like the Vicodin. I hate medicine as a whole so I'm not feeling terribly inclined to go to any of the narcotics-based solutions without trying something minimal first.

This thing feels almost exactly like the kind of hangover I can get when I've had far too much beer before I started hitting the hard liquor. The thing of it is I didn't even touch any booze yesterday. I was good and stayed completely dry! I don't think I even thought about a gin-and-tonic or a beer, and this is the "reward" I get? To hell with that noise!

Tick: It feels like my head is giving birth!
Arthur: It's called a headache, Tick.
Tick: It has a name?!

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