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Koz strikes again...

I think that I've mentioned my friend Koz before, and how he's prone to drawing my character in situations that I find rather embarrassing.

He's never been one to let an opportunity slide by without acting on it if he feels it's providing him with enough gag-worthy material. In a lot of ways it seems like I've become something of a "whipping boy" for him -- more often than not these days if there's somebody being embarrassed in one of his drawings, it's Feren. I certainly won't complain about it because the numerous "humiliating" drawings he has produced of Feren usually have a cheering effect upon me the first time I see them, and usually for quite some time afterwards. An added bonus is that other people seem to get a chuckle out of them too, and I like seeing my friends get a laugh now and then. Let's put all the cards on the table while I'm at it -- I am to some extent an attention whore and getting a drawing of my character as a gift is one of the most flattering forms of attention I can receive. I'm damned honored that he chooses my character to draw as often as he does. Hell, I'm honored that I have so many artist friends who draw or even sketch my character at all! On that thought I should send lots of thanks out to enveri, Micah and tuftears for their contributions to my ego.

I guess I knew I was in trouble last night when Koz mentioned my "damn black fur." That's usually a sign I've been drawn in the buff, or near enough to the buff to result in me blushing. I wasn't disappointed either, because after a few minutes of frantic giggling from those spread throughout the room I found out that Koz had indeed produced another picture of me in a compromising position! Apparently when he found out that I was going to be attending Mardi Gras this year he was struck with an image of me indulging in drunken carousing while I was down there. He couldn't let it go until he'd sketched the image out and seen it through to completion, and so when he caught up with me again upon my return I was presented with the image. It certainly was uber-cool to sign on and be greeted with a picture of me being a silly cat, even if my trip to St. Louis wasn't quite like that. I don't think I stopped giggling until ten or fifteen minutes afterward.

I've been drawn two times in as many weeks, and I can't stop feeling smug about it!

I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me

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