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Images of me.

I have no idea why, but a number of my online friends have asked for pictures of me lately. I guess it has something to do with my telling them about the beard that has made its way onto my face. This seems to be born out by the explanation that they couldn't picture me with facefuzz, although how many of them have seen pictures of me in the last two years is anybody's guess.

Well, now their imaginations can rest easy, because I've got two photographs for them to look at.

I'll give warning that these are not the most flattering pictures -- mostly because I was hamming it up for captain18 when he was pointing the camera at me. And let's face it, a Network Operations Center is not exactly one of the most photogenic places known to man. Yes, that is a Psi-Corps pin. Yes, to the left of it is the Cthulhu Coffee logo on my polo.

Cap has already posted one of the pictures, but I've got both of them here so you can get the general idea.

I am evil:

I am smug:


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