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Stupid panther...

You must not forget to pay bills. Even ones incurred on eBay, otherwise people (also known as creditors) will become exceedingly pissed off at you.

Surprise, this week I paid off a credit card in its entirety. I must now turn my focus upon the other two that remain. Jeez. This never ends -- I think the credit cards have struck a deal with my pickup. The deal is something along the lines of, "Every time he sees the light of day, BREAK. Cost him roughly twice what he owes to get repaired. Do it and we'll add octane booster to your gas when he isn't looking." With luck I will be able to apply serious money towards one of my remaining cards, since my plans for the next eight weeks are fairly minimal. I'm hoping to halve one card's balance by the end this month and have it completely finished by the end of September. If all goes well (it never does) I will not make my goal to be out of unsecured debt completely by the end of this year, but I'll be pretty darn close to it. But you know what? With the way things have gone for the last two years, I am willing to call it a draw on this goal if I can come within a thousand dollars of being debt-free at the end of the year (This does not count secured loans, because those are a whole different matter).

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