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Well, that was cute.

I got a gift from my friend Koz the other day, shared it with a few folks online and then promptly forgot to share it here. Foolish me! If you're curious you can go and look at this amusing drawing of my character in cahoots with my friend LiinSara. Yes, that ice is indeed going to be used for nefarious purposes, but rest assured that the victim is not completely innocent in this. I particularly like the way Koz rendered Liin's expression in this illustration because it captures the devious quality that she possesses but so rarely displays.

If only I looked that good in swim trunks.

It's one hour and counting until my mind-numbing Staff Meeting of Doom. That'll last two hours at the minimum, probably three because I have things that I need to get done today. Once I've been released from that misery I have to step out to get a bite to eat and handle a package that needs to be shipped to my parents. Once I've seen the package safely secured and a tracking number noted it will be back to the office for another meeting to see if my supervisor, my manager and I can settle this foolish drama we all keep getting pulled into. I wish I could have a positive outlook about this upcoming meeting, I wish I could believe that something good will come of it. As the old axiom goes, "If wishes were fishes beggars would dine." This meeting will be very little more than the three of us sitting in a room filled with motivational posters (Allen honestly believes in the messages they carry, and thinks they improve the morale of his staff) and making hints and allegations at what the real problem is without actually saying it outright and just getting the matter out in the open. I despise corporate politics the most because I hate having to play cute little word games to avoid stepping on somebody's proverbial toes. If I just out and say what I really think I will more than likely find myself stepping on my not-so-proverbial wang and out on my not-at-all proverbial ear. That's not an option I can afford to take right now, no matter how much I may dislike the person I work for. Just a few more months and all my bills will be paid down to $0. Once I hit that mark I'll have over $15,000 in savings and will be able to walk away from this job without a second thought if I feel so inclined. It feels good to know I have my financial concerns this well in hand. Knowing that very shortly I will have total financial freedom is liberating experience that I wish more people could enjoy.

Once my workday is over it will be the weekend and the road trip I wrote about last night. I need to see if I can get jadedfox or roho to shoot me a URL that's SideKick friendly for posting to LiveJournal with in case I find the time to do a brief update this weekend. If I don't have the time I expect that I will be doing some backdated entries when I get home. In case anybody is curious my ETA for getting back to the apartment is some time around 1700 this Sunday.

The world is a vampire

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