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Confessions from beyond...

I have a few random thoughts to share, since nothing of great note has come to mind over the last few days. Most of the things I want to write about will be backdated because they occured during the great Distributed Denial of Service that some little passant angst-teen launched against LJ this past week. I hate cowards who hide behind attacks like that. It's the Internet equivalent of hiding behind a fence and throwing firecrackers over it when you hear people walking on the other side.

Before I start, I will give you a word of warning. This "Confession" isn't really a confession. It's just a Zen exercise for me to clear my mind and see what I get from it. It will be a bulleted list of things that amuse me, intrigue me, or in other ways catch my fancy. Profound thoughts are not going to be found here.

    I confess....
  • ... that I love the feeling of power that I get when I turn on a light switch, bringing light to an otherwise dark room. In that split second I am a Power To Be Contended with in the universe.
  • ... that Ra is presenting me with a situation that has been baffling me no end. He has steadily been tracking kitty litter out of his box. It has been slowly collecting outside the box, and is turning into quite the little beach. If I cannot find some way to remedy this in a short period of time I will be the only person with sand dunes in his bedroom. Anybody know where I can get a miniature dune buggy?
  • ... that I've not been sleeping well, even though I have Ra curled up between my feet and a whopping-big panther plush to curl up with courtesy of points and aynjel. No, I'm not a plushophile, but it is nice to have somebody/something to curl up with on a cold winter night, and since Ra prefers to sleep by my feet I've got to make due.
  • ... that I've been neglecting a number of personal projects. I'm supposed to be working on two different websites, one which captain18 put me up to. But I haven't touched them at all. I'm almost to the point I'm thinking about outsourcing it just to get it over and done with.
  • ... that I still haven't gotten a picture taken of the posted I bought and had framed at the Hobby Lobby, even though it's uber-cool.
  • ... that Ra, as much as he annoys me, is the apple of my eye. He's like my child. In a lot of ways it's as if he's my own offspring, although it sounds weird to say that. He's curious, sometimes playful, usually demure, and stubborn as hell.
  • ... that I need to get a beard trimmer.
  • ... that computer games don't engage me nearly as much as they used to.
  • ... that I used to stay up until 4 or 5 AM, playing on FurryMUCK in 1996 through 1998.
  • ... that I wish I knew how to program C.
  • ... that I fear C++.
  • ... that I still want to keep my Camaro, even though it needs to be sold for my own sake.
  • ... that I can compile Apache 2.x in 64-bit mode, and sometimes I can get PHP4.x to compile in 64-bit, but I can not get those two packages to play nicely together.
  • ... I still take pride in my work, no matter how much I complain about it.
  • ... I have what amounts to a crush on somebody.
  • ... I'm envious of Eurpoeans, who have got Sidekick phones with color screens.
  • ... I want to go hang out with hightensile and kristenq and krag_carbine and hakeber
  • ... that I'm looking forward to one con this year. It may not be the one you expect.
  • ... that I'm going to St Louis with captain18 to hang out with neuracnu and...
  • ... that a major motivating force for this trip is the desire to see boobies.
  • ... that I'm immensely pleased with the preliminary sketches I've seen for one of my commissions.
  • ... that I've become addicted to LJDrama and think that some people get what they deserve in karmic payback.
  • ... that I'm miffed there hasn't been much snow this year.
  • ... that I miss snowmobiling.
  • ... that I want to go back to Minnesota, visit my family and take my sleds out for a ride.
  • ... that I've had dreams about doing just that.
  • ... that I feel guilty that I haven't washed my pickup in several years.
  • ... that I'm considering taking Aikido.
  • ... that my goal is to get my BS in telecommunications management within the next year, just to say I did it.
  • ... that I want a vacation.
  • ... that I'd really like to learn Krav Maga in addition to Aikido.
  • ... that I'm thinking about featherdusters.

That's really it for the moment. I'm not sure what to think about this list... some of it came up of its own accord, some of it was stuff that I've really been spending a lot of time thinking about. The list is a little longer than I expected, too...

Even your old friends treat you like you're somethin' new

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